Building a golf simulator on your own is not a difficult task anymore. All you need to do is jot down the apparatus you need, and research the available items well before investing in them. And while deciding on the suitable equipment, there is one thing that you must put extra effort into—picking a suitable and best hitting golf mats for your golf kit. With hundreds of brands selling golf mats today, it is important to know which one best suits your purpose. 

Things To Remember Before Buying A Golf Hitting Mat

But before you invest your hard-earned money into something expensive; be sure to know what to look for in a good quality practice mat. Durability and quality are the two most important factors that you should consider before making any purchase. While investing in expensive sports equipment, you will always want it to last longer. So, look for the most durable and best hitting golf mats you can afford within your budget.

Most mats have a nylon surface with a rubber base. However, the quality of the surface, the density of the rubber base, and the overall thickness of the mat vary. Generally, heavier mats tend to be more durable. Moreover, you can pick up bad habits or wrong techniques if you are practising on a worn-out mat. Therefore, you must invest in quality practice mats if you really want to improve your skills. Another important factor is size. You must consider the space where you are going to set up your kit.

Additionally, you must consider your height before selecting the mat. Five feet by five meet mats are generally sufficient for a golfer who is around six feet tall. Now that you have an idea about what to look for in a premium golf practice mat, let us help you by narrowing down the list. Here are some of the best golf mats available in the market:

Swingturf Golf Practice Mat

SwingTurf golf practice mat by Rain or Shine Golf is the best product available today. It features a carefully designed fiber system that allows you to hit the ball down and through, giving you a true fairway shot experience. SwingTurf hitting mat is available in 4′ x 9′ and 4′ x 5′ sizes and the average thickness is 2 inches approximately. It also allows you to use a real wooden tee, giving you a feel of swinging on a real course.

Fiberbuilt Golf Mats

It is one of the leading brands on the market that produces premium quality turf hitting mats. Trusted and used by more than 5,000 driving ranges across the world, this product can be your ideal choice for its exclusive features. It is the only artificial golf mat that allows you to strike the ball down and through the surface. It also includes a 300,000 shot guarantee. The feel of real grass and tested durability of the Fibrebuilt mats makes it a perfect choice for your golf simulator. 


In any indoor golf set up, the importance of a good hitting mat is paramount. Practising on a faulty or lumpy practice mat can affect your hitting skills, thus spoiling your game. So, if you are keen on improving your game, choose the best practice mat that pairs perfectly with your simulator and start practising.