Are you planning to buy a golf simulator? These unique pieces of technology have increased the popularity of indoor golf more than ever. Golf simulators are a perfect choice for practicing your shots, be it from the comfort of your home or a temporary set up at your office. Even if you own a commercial facility for indoor gaming, golf simulators can unimaginably boost your business.

Both professional golfers and coaches swear by the importance of having a golf simulator for improving skill and technique. But, if you want to play the game just for the sheer fun of it, then this innovative technology can be your best friend in that regard as well. It lets you connect with your friends and play together in real-time. It also allows you to enter various events and tournaments around the world. So, to enjoy the best experience of indoor golf, you should consider getting a golf simulator today.

Several leading sports manufacturers are now coming up with their own brand of golf simulators. Each of these products comes with a variety of features. While they vary extensively on their price range, it is important to remember that you invest your hard-earned bucks in a gadget that suits your requirement and skill-level. To help you choose from the wide array of products, we have put together a list of the best golf simulators available in today’s marketplace.

The Golf Club (TGC)

This amazing software is one of the most popular golf simulators among pro golfers today. The simulator software is compatible with SkyTrak, ProTee Golf Simulator as well as Ernest Sport launch monitor.

The latest version of the gadget comes with astonishingly advanced graphics and includes more realistic golf courses. The Golf Club 2019  has a wide range of selections—featuring over 150,000 premium golf courses. While many of them are user-designed, it includes some of the premium golf courses of the world. Other than your computer or iPad, TCG’s software can also be used in your PS4 or XBOX. Additionally, it offers features like online multiplayer modes and worldwide tournaments as well.

E6 Connect

Perhaps the most popular among golfers, TruGolf’s E6 Connect is the best golf simulator software in the current market. However, remember that it is different from E6 Golf, an older version of gaming software created by the same company. E6 Connect is compatible with most of the golf simulators, including Vista, SkyTrak, FlightScope, ProTee United, and Uneekor QED. It offers more than 90 courses, including 30 premium courses that have been deemed “the greatest courses” by Golfweek and Golf Digest.

The most appealing feature of E6 Connect, however, is its high quality and unique features. It has a great multiplayer mode and lets you play in online international tournaments.

QED Refine

This is the middle-tier software for QED and EYEXO—two of Uneekor’s golf simulator system. Apart from the premium course selection and excellent compatibility features, this simulator software offers a high-quality 3D driving range and amazing graphics. Currently, it has four major modes—stroke play, driving range, course practice, and short game complex. More modes may be added in the future.

It is important to remember that golf simulator software is the most crucial and expensive part of your golf simulator system. Therefore, the price of your golf simulator package largely depends on the features and quality of the software. If you want a premium golf simulator, choose your software package accordingly.