Playing golf on a lush, green track for as much time as possible is the dream for any avid golfer. However, in real life, this dream rarely comes true. Hectic job schedule, tiring commute, personal and family obligations, even the distance from a golf course or a local club often stand in the way.

Even if you manage all the hassles to take out some time for teeing off at your favorite course, there is still the concern of bad weather. But this does not mean enjoying a round of golf is impossible at your convenience. You can always enjoy the game at your home, office, or any place indoors.

Indoor Golf is the ideal way to avoid the barriers

One might ask, “How can I play golf at home? There is no open space or wide field at my house like a golf course.” Worry not! To play indoor golf, you do not need a field or a vast arena.

You can set up your indoor golf in your garage, basement, living room, office space, or any place wide enough to swing clear the ball. Here are some ideas on how you can enjoy indoor golf.

Play Golf at Home

Use an indoor putting green

If you cannot go out, play using a practice putting at your home. Buy a putting mat, and put it on any even surface, and practice your strokes. It allows you to discipline your shots. Even if you do not have a wide space to play, putting mats can still let you play. They are usually 8 feet long and hence, can be set up in any available space.

Use a chipping net

The practice net is a great piece of equipment that lets you play indoor golf without having to worry about haywire shots. Once you set up the net, play the game with the aim of inserting the ball into it. If you want to start your chipping drill as well, buy a chipping net instead.

Buy a Golf Simulator

Many believe that indoor golf cannot offer the feel of a real golf course, with the scenic visuals and the wide, open arena to swing the balls across. But, this is not a problem anymore. Golf simulators are now transforming the experience of indoor golf, allowing you to enjoy the realistic feel of a real golf course without even stepping out of the house.

Most golf simulators include hundreds of golf courses. While most of them are user-designed, some of the simulators contain replicas of real-life premium golf courses around the world. Also, the tracking sensors and analyzers will help you improve your skill by assessing your shots and letting you know exactly where you need to put more effort.

Playing indoor golf will positively boost your confidence as a player. Also, the multiplayer modes and online features in golf simulators will let you play with your friends and enter virtual tournaments, thus taking your loneliness away. So, don’t fret over not being able to play outside anymore. Set up indoor golf and continue to enjoy the game.

Practice makes perfect!