As golf hits to the digital platform, launch monitors are becoming immensely popular, taking over the place of golf courses and instructors.

Launch monitors can help a lot if you want to increase your golfing skill, allowing you to harness the power of technology.

At the same time, a diverse range of software like club fitting and simulations allow you to have indoor golf practice sessions with your launch monitor.

Launch monitors can also provide important analytics and data parameters that can help you truly improve your game.

However, launch monitors can be expensive, making it a difficult task to find the perfect one for yourself. However, some launch monitors can be very suitably priced, including the ES Tour Plus Launch Monitor.

Released by Ernest Sports, a brand known for its high-quality equipment all over the world, ES Tour Plus was introduced as a mid-ranged launch monitor.

Designed primarily for indoor use, it can compete with a lot of mainstream and top-notch launch monitors for providing high-speed and quality performance at digital golfing.

What features does the ES Tour Plus provide?

ES Tour Plus launch monitor offers the following features:

  • One of the best and remarkable indoor launch monitors
  • Can be combined with ESGOLF App to enhance performance
  • Virtual Driving can be adjusted from 60 yards to 400 yards
  • Can Connect with E6 Connect Golf or The Golf Club 2019
  • Provides a wide range of important analytics
  • Features Dual High-Speed Photometric Cameras
  • Tour-Tested and Highly Accurate Performance
  • Data can be Saved Individually for Each User
  • Performs Exceptionally Well in an Indoor Environment

Why ES Tour Plus? What benefits will it provide?

ES Tour Plus has been designed for golfers that prefer indoor golfing over traveling onto golf courses as we know that not everyone is living near a golf course, or want to travel around with their golfing course in their hand.

Specially designed for fans of indoor simulation, ES Tour Plus can be connected with E6 Connect Golf or The Golf Club 2019 for an entertaining experience.

Some major benefits offered by ES Tour Plus include:

  • Offers a wide range of important data parameters
  • Can be used at home with exceptional performance
  • Provides competitively accurate parameters for its range
  • Can be connected with a mobile app for extra performance
  • Allows making individual data profiles
  • Comes at an affordable price
ES Tour Plus

What data points can it measure?

ES Tour Plus can measure the following data points:

  • Carry Distance
  • Total Distance
  • Roll Distance
  • Ball Speed
  • Launch Angle
  • Launch Direction
  • Spin Rate
  • Spin Axis
  • Club Head Speed
  • Smash Factor
  • Angle of Attack
  • Face Angle
  • Club Path
  • Face To Path

How well it works with Golf Simulation softwares?

ES Tour Plus can be seamlessly integrated with E6 Connect or The Golf Club 2019, both famous golf simulations to provide you access to the most popular golf courses in the world.

Access to hundreds of courses can give a huge boost to your golfing, improving your game beyond all limits.

Final verdict

With its exceptional performance, availability of a wide range of data parameters, and affordable price tag, Es Tour Plus remains the perfect choice for indoor golfers all over the world.

With dual high-speed photometric cameras and quad doppler radar, the ES Tour Pro is indeed a perfect choice for your indoor golfing. Happy Golfing!