The SkyTrak Home Golf Simulator Bundle is an excellent option for any individual looking for golf simulation gear that is also affordable. The Net Return Net is an advanced product for golfers that can instantly send the ball back and sustain speeds as high as 200 mph. The six-foot-wide by ten-foot-long net offered with this package delivers a constant ball rebound. The small size and simple construction enable outside as well as indoor usage, and assembly is very easy.

Included in the simulation bundle

  • SkyTrak launch monitor
  • Golf net (Net Return Home V2)
  • The Net Return Pro Turf
  • Practice range software package includes game-improving software (+30-day trial).


To enhance your skills and enjoyment with the package, select one of the extra choices listed here –

  • SkyTrak’s sturdy metal box keeps it secure against any wayward balls or clubs.
  • SkyTrak’s 1 year of Game Improvement Software + Metal Case contains a wide range of game-improvement instruments, challenges, and devices for tracking advancement, and it can interact with golf simulation programs from other vendors.
  • Compared to the previous version, the Net Return Pro V2 Net is bigger.
  • Overhit shots are kept within the hitting area by the Universal Side Barriers of Net Return.
  • By using Net Return’s “No Fly Zone” Extension, an extra 8–10 inches of no-fly netting can be added to the very top end of your netting.
  • Manufacturers have developed fiber-built single-hitting and center-hitting premium range matting that mimic the flight characteristics of real fairways in order to practically reduce turf shock.

Prerequisites for space

  • Area of protection: 7’W x 7’H x 3’6″D
  • The area needed is 10’W x 8’6″H x 12’D

The monitor and simulator provide vital data points

Real-time golf training and practice may be accomplished with the help of the Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator by SkyTrak. It is a compact gadget that connects wirelessly to the suitable phone and quickly transmits information about shot launching and visual information on ball flight.

SkyTrak’s sensor takes some quick pictures of the golf ball as soon as you make touch with it. Significant metrics, including ball velocity, club velocity, side angle, sidespin, backspin, and launching position, are evaluated using the obtained photos to represent shot shape and carry, off-line, and overall characteristics. For further information, users can check out the recordings under the Video section.

You may enter a broad variety of personal preferences and outside variables into SkyTrak, including the climate and the state of the circuit. This offers a more precise analysis of each stroke and more closely approximates the game of golf.

Precise information

  • Ball speed – 0 to 200 mph, plus or minus 1 mph.
  • Side Angle 0 to 20 +/- 2°
  • Launch Angle 0 to 55 +/- 1°
  • 0 – 12,000 rpm +/– 250 rpm for the back spin
  • Side Spin: 0 – 4,000 rpm +/– 250 rpm

Electricity and charging

    • Bundled lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable
    • Use for no longer than five hours nonstop
  • Includes a micro USB power cord

Wireless connectivity options

    • iPad with Wi-Fi direct connection (no internet)
  • An iPad must first establish a connection to a router or local area network (if Internet accessibility is present) to be able to make use of the internet via a wireless connection.

SkyTrak Size Information

  • 1.7 lbs. in weight
  • 5.75″L x 6.75″H x 2.5″W in size

The information shown above provides a comprehensive description of SkyTrak’s Home Golf Simulator Bundle.