If you are a golf enthusiast, rising star, or seasoned professional, you are not likely to be a stranger to launch monitors. These amazing devices make practice sessions meaningful and can radically improve one’s skills. 

An Advanced Launch Monitor System by Rapsodo - The MLM

While there are a lot of top brands making launch monitors, the MLM from Rapsodo is something you should look at. It is the only launch monitor that presently provides real-time launch data, active shot tracking, and instant replay on an iOS device is Rapsodo Mobile Golf Launch Monitor. Rapsodo MLM evaluates a ball’s early flight by combining radar/camera technologies to assess the range and trajectory of the ball. Because of its compact size and extensive functionality, this launch monitor is convenient.

Many parameters may be measured by the Rapsodo Mobile Golf Launch Monitor, and statistics can be provided. There are several of them, including club speed, launch direction, ball speed, shot shape, shot distance, and launch angle. The display offers users a high degree of accuracy, which might enhance their gaming experience.


Numerous knowledgeable and experienced golf simulator users all around the world consistently use the Rapsodo MLM. It provides all you could want to advance your hitting and putting abilities. 

Rapsodo MLM Top Features

  • Golfers may save time by using the Smart Club recognition tool instead of manually inputting their club information. As soon as a camera is directed towards a club, the MLM can recognize it.


  • Users can compete against other players online or share information about some of their shots with their friends or tutors.


  • The MLM has the capacity to save your shots and keep them on hand for future reference. Users have the option of preserving 100 of their photos for free or paying a membership fee to store all of their photos indefinitely.
  • An active tracker on your video replays will allow you to follow your game like an expert. You will be able to assess shot data and ball flight data to make wiser judgments.


  • Golfers can now improve their putting strokes with the MLM on compatible iOS smartphones for indoor and outdoor play. It may be used both inside or outside.


  • Determine which club to use on the course by imagining your ball flight with each club on a range map.
  • Users may run the program and link their MLM launch monitor through Bluetooth for a quick and easy setup. They can then immediately begin practising.


  • Shot Trace and Data Overlay are part of the real-time visual feedback, making it simple to understand the effects of shots. Users may review information for all clubs in their history, including trajectories, averages, standard deviations, and dispersions.



Look through all the characteristics and information listed above to learn more about the Rapsodo Mobile Golf Launch Monitor.