In the game of golf, the importance of practice can never be emphasized enough. No matter how long you have been playing, you need to keep polishing your techniques to be on top of your game. This is the reason more and more golfers turn to a home golf setup. This way, you can practice anytime, without stepping out of the comfort of your home. However, to have a perfect home golf setup, it is crucial to have the right golf hitting/practice mat.  

There are an astounding number of options available out there with varying levels of quality, and they can affect your practice experience to a great deal. The primary issues that golfers focus on while they purchase a golf practice mat are performance and durability. However, it is equally important to check the quality of the product before you invest in them. A faulty golf practice mat can cause serious muscle damage, joint pain, or injury resulting from the aftershock of your shots. But with superior quality, you would find the price going up simultaneously.  

This is why Fiberbuilt Golf Mats are preferred by most home golfers around the world. These premium golf hitting/practice mats offer great durability and performance, along with high-end quality. But to buy them, you will not have to break your bank. Recently, the reputable brand launched their brand-new Grass Series, and the much-anticipated Practice Station has instantly become a user-favorite. If you too are looking for a quality golf practice mat for your home golf setup, this could be the best product you will ever get your hands on. Read on to learn more about this incredible item.  

Efficient Design

Fiberbuilt Grass Series Practice Station is the ultimate game improvement system. The unique practice mat combines Fiberbuilt’s exclusive oval-shaped Flight Deck and a high-traction golf stance mat to give you the perfect hitting surface. The Flight Deck is built with authentic Fiberbuilt Grass that offers you the most realistic ball flight and impact conditions. It also eliminates the Turf Shock and thus, prevents any injury, joint pain, or damage to your muscles.  

Unique Practice Surface

The Flight Deck comes with an integrated ball tray and a host of practice components. Molded alignments on the surface guide in the stance mat. Moreover, it features slots for rods that help guide the ball position and swing path, as well as prevent swaying in your swing.  

Incredible Features

  • Flight Deck surface sits in the high-traction stance mat for stability and level hitting. 
  • Oval shape and integrated alignment guides for clubhead path. 
  • Launch-monitor tested to provide the authentic feel of fairway grass. 
  • Genuine Fiberbuilt grass eliminates turf shock. 
  • 300000 shots guaranteed. 
  • Easy assembling without tools. 
  • Flexible for both indoor and outdoor use. 
  • Suitable for any type of club, including woods and wedges. 
  • Made from recycled materials. 

Product Specifications

  • Package includes Flight Deck, stance mats, adjustable tees for practicing different height tee shots, 2 alignment rods 
  • Finished dimension: 61″x40″x2″ 


If you are serious about your game improvement, add the Fiberbuilt Grass Series Practice Station to your shopping cart today. There is virtually no better option than this to hone your skills.