In recent years, personal golf launch monitors have become one of the most coveted items among professional golfers and amateurs alike. The rapidly growing technology and advanced features of the device have allowed golfers to practice their games effortlessly—both in outdoor and indoor settings. Given the rising popularity of the equipment, leading manufacturers came up with several improvements and upgrades to their launch monitors.

Eventually, contemporary golf launch monitors have become significantly accurate, easy to use, and portable. Still, there are too many launch monitors to choose from on today’s marketplace. To this end, we reviewed the latest upgrade from FlightScope—the FlightScope Mevo+ Golf launch monitor.

FlightScope has been a renowned name in the golf launch monitor market for a long time now. Their earlier Mevo model was also hugely popular for its accuracy and the dedicated mobile app. However, it lacked several features that were present in other devices within the high price-range category.

To overcome this barrier, FlightScope released their new FlightScope Mevo+ Golf Launch Monitor model with a host of new features, aimed to complete your overall golf experience. In this blog, we are revealing all the upgrades of the new device and how they can improve your game.


The FlisghtScope Mevo line was always popular for its portable size. Although the Mevo+ is a little larger than the initial model, it can still fit easily in your pocket. You can effortlessly carry it around and pull it out whenever you want to enjoy a round of golf. 

Doppler Radar

The new Mevo+ comes with an advanced Doppler radar technology that tracks your balls more efficiently than ever before. Unlike taking images with a photometric camera and compiling them to calculate your ball data, the Doppler radar collects data using shooting lasers against the club and the ball throughout the impact, thus making an accurate measurement of your ball distance.

The Mobile App

The FlightScope app is perhaps the strongest feature of the brand. Just as the previous Mevo model, the Mevo+ also includes the state of the art app to simultaneously track your data and provide you a very realistic impression of your current shot. This app easily connects with your smartphone or tablet. 

Internal Camera

One of the biggest flaws of the previous Mevo was that it could never give you accurate or consistent data on your alignment. The Mevo+ now includes an internal camera that overcomes this flaw and gives you an exact idea about how you are aligning your shots.

A Host Of New Features

The Mevo+ has all the existing features of the initial Mevo, giving you reliable stats of carry distance, ball speed, clubhead speed, flight time, vertical launch angle, spin rate, smash factor, and apex height. Additionally, the upgraded model can measure horizontal launch angle, spin loft, roll distance, total distance, angle of attack, spin axis, shot shape, and spin axis with maximum accuracy.

You can buy the Mevo+ as a stand-alone launch monitor or a complete package. So, don’t hesitate if you are pondering over buying a launch monitor. Go for the FlightScope Mevo+ and turn your practice into fun.