Are you planning to be part of a virtual golfing session? If so, you simply cannot overlook the importance of a launch monitor. Any golf simulator must feature the launch monitor that helps in tracking the shots and measuring the ball flight. The presence of a suitable launch monitor helps the player scrutinize his/her performance in a better way. 

Speaking of launch monitors, there are plenty of options available. Previously, launch monitors used to be extremely expensive. But with technological advancements, many new solutions have emerged that prove to quite inexpensive to afford. These are mostly portable launch monitors that can be used for indoor golf sessions.  Let’s have a look at the top 5 inexpensive golf launch monitors that you can consider.  

SC200 Plus

Voice Caddie’s SC200 Plus is a great golf launch monitor. This lightweight and portable tool weighs less than 1 pound and has a size very similar to that of a smartphone. Whether you want to use it indoors with a simulation option or take it to the golf course, S200 Plus is a handy option to consider. The Swing Speed mode available with SC200 Plus allows the user to measure the swing speed without even hitting the ball. The device uses a barometric pressure sensor that provides near perfect readings.  


Another launch monitor from Voice Caddie, the SC300 is the latest addition to the range. Compared to SC200 Plus, this one is less portable but can fit the golf bag easily. It features an LCD with an orange backlight that assures accurate readings. This launch monitor functions through the Doppler Radar Technology and can be easily paired through any iOS or Android device using the SC300 Swing Candle app. 


Mevo launch monitor comes from FlightScope and extremely popular among golfers. It is portable in size and can fit your palm perfectly. It can be connected to a tablet or smartphone for recording and displaying the data. What’s best with this golf launch monitor is its capability of providing real-time performance data along with a video capture feature to spot your flaws during the swing. Download the Mevo app to track the data. The accuracy of data is because of the use of 3D Doppler Radar Technology by Mevo. 

Mobile Launch Monitor

From the house of Rapsodo, this launch monitor enjoys high ratings from the users. This launch monitor uses your smartphone’s camera to track data. It is available only for the iOS platform. However, reports say that the Android version is coming up shortly. Some of the excellent features of this launch monitor are interactive games, GPS maps for shot dispersion, and an active tracer. It also records and displays data on smash factor, launch direction, launch angle, distance, and speed.  

ES12 Player

ES12 Player from the house of Earnest Sports is a reliable option when looking for golf launch monitors. Whether you are considering its usage for golf simulation indoor or golf course outdoor, this tool is a trustworthy option to consider. It is durable, portable, and lightweight. After taking a shot, the tool displays distance covered and ball speed using the Doppler radar technology. This tool can be easily paired with Earnest Sports app.