Friars Head can take you through the meadows, dunes, and farmland. Its panoramic view can melt anyone’s heart. Surrounded by marvelous natural beauty, this golf course offers an immensely pleasing experience to the golfers. Every visitor finds the walk to the 16th tee along with the new bridge sensational. It is an amazing place to enjoy the views of Long Island. This course is perfect for diverse shots, looks, directional changes, a driveable hole, and short and long 3s. Its strategic layout tests certain golf skills of a golfer, such as decision making, shot selection, techniques, etc.

Are you eager to play this course? You can get the same experience of playing at this course from the comfort of your home. The Golf Club 2019 has developed a virtual golf course, Friars Head. This beautiful 18-hole course, designed by PithyDoctorG, will amaze you in every possible way. Its challenging layout will make the game more interesting for you. Try it now!