GCQuad Putting Review – In this video I show you how to use the GCQuad Putting Analysis with the Foresight Sports Performance APP on iPad. Keep in mind this is a demonstration video of the GCQuad and the Essential Putting Analysis Add-On, not a putting instruction video. The world’s most advanced launch monitor just got even better. With Essential Putting Analysis, you’ve now got never-before-seen putting sight at your fingertips.

From post-impact ball launch and skid measurements to precisely calculated roll distance, fitters, coaches, and players can now experience an entirely new level of putting performance insight on their GCQuad. The GCQuad putting from my testing so far is very accurate and I have found it extremely useful for understanding what is going on with my putter stroke. Stay tuned as I plan on taking the GCQuad putting outdoors to test and review more features the Foresight Sports GCQuad has to offer.