Once you decide to buy a golf simulator for your home golf setup, the next big question that immediately bugs you is which golf simulator software to go for. This is indeed an important decision, for the quality of your golf simulation experience ultimately depends on the quality of your simulator software. Moreover, given the constant innovations and ongoing improvements in golf simulator technology, it is crucial to choose only the latest software that gives you the best value for your money. In addition to that, there is the question of compatibility. No matter how high-end your simulator software is, it will be of no use if it is not supported by your golf simulator or launch monitor.

Considering all the concerns one might have regarding the choice of simulator software, we recommend Creative Golf 3D as our top pick. If you don’t want to go for expensive items like The Golf Club 2019 or E6 Connect, this is the best choice for you. 

Creative Golf 3D is a fun simulator software developed by DATAcrea, a Slovakia-based software company. Unique from most high-fidelity software such as E6 Connect or The Golf Club 2019, this one offers you interesting challenges and course plays, exclusive game modes, and even a “fairy tale” golf setting exclusively designed for kids, along with the standard gameplay. If you are more interested in the entertainment part of golf simulation rather than the photo-realistic experience, Creative Golf 3D is the answer to all your questions. Here is a sneak peek into the fun details of the amazing golf simulator software.


The best part of the fun software solution is that it is compatible with the most popular golf simulators and launch monitors, including SkyTrak, FlightScope, Uneekor, Foresight Sports, and even Mevo Plus launch monitor from FlightScope. 

It gives you the perfect opportunity to improve your game with a vast range of course play with different challenges and practice modes. But that isn’t all. It comes with several more interesting mini-games and interesting challenges that make golf more fun for you. Besides, you can charge up the pack with Golfisimo software to add loads of games for non-golfers and kids.

Course Selection

Creative Golf 3D offers a total of 130 world-renowned golf courses. Some of them are replications of real golf courses from around the world and some of them are only designed for practice purposes. More courses are regularly being added to the course library. You can play on real courses like The Oxfordshire Golf, Kingsville Golf and Country Club, Rush Cree. Black Stork, and many more. 

With an additional purchase, you can access the full course library of Creative Golf 3D that features over 120 additional European and international golf courses.

Practice Modes And Game Types

  • Training
  • Course Play
  • Tournaments
  • Challenges
  • Mini Games

Requirements And Specifications

Creative Golf 3D is only supported on PC. Minimum requirements include Windows 7 or higher version (64 bit). 1GB of VRAM, 2GB of memory, and a processing speed of 2.5 GHz.

You will need to subscribe to Creative Golf 3D with a one-time annual subscription fee.