The Golf Club simulation software, commonly known as the TGC Software was introduced in 2014. Ever since its introduction, we have seen its popularity continuously on the rise.

The reason of course is its flawless audio, sharp ultra HD graphics, challenging gameplay, and fun-filled user experience. It also provides several unique features that set it apart from other golf simulator software.

If you have bought a launch monitor compatible with simulator software or planning to buy one, you will definitely need high-quality software such as TGC 2019 to have the best of experience with your launch monitor.

So, How’s The Compatibility Of TGC 2019 With Different Simulators?

The Golf Club 2019 is fairly compatible with the most popular simulators including SkyTrak, Flightscope and ProTee. 

This software is also compatible with some Ernest Sports Launch monitors, Uneekor, GSA and several other golf simulators. The Golf Club’s official website suggests the following features if you want to run this software on your PC:

Minimum Requirements

    • A Windows 7 (64 or 32 bit) Operating System.
    • Intel Core i5 Processor.
    • 4 GB Ram.
    • Nvidia GTX 670 /OR AMD 7850 With 2GB or Better Graphic cards.
    • Version 11 DirectX.
    • Broadband Internet Connection.

Recommended Requirements

    • A Windows 10 (64 bit) Operating System.
    • Intel Core i7 Processor.
    • 8 GB Ram.
    • NVidia GTX 970 /OR Better (GTX1060 / GTX1070 / GTX1080).
    • Version 11 DirectX.
    • 20 GB Hard Drive.
    • DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card.

What Features Does The Golf Club 2019 Offer?

The Golf Club 2019’s incredible features include,

  • Ultra HD Graphics (up to 4k).
  • Over 150,000 golf courses, included in the TGC library.
  • Real-time fun with friends, strangers, or family in the free online mode.
  • Multiplayer gaming with local players.
  • Zero load time between holes.
  • Live tournaments and tours.
  • Easy to install.
  • Gives the luxury of practicing range, chipping, and putting.
  • Users can design their own custom golf course using a special editor.

What About Graphics?

The graphics of TGC Software are insanely sharp and incredible. An HD projector combined with a 16 feet enclosure will constitute a breathtaking setup with this software installed on the simulator.

The ultra HD 4K Graphics are a real catch in this software. Try to play at this resolution and you will be mystified by the clarity and sharpness it will offer.

Another great thing is its zero load time between holes. It is something that may go unnoticed but, these are the minor details that make the simulation experience perfect.

So, Is It Worth the Money?

Of course, it is! Just under $1000, you will get a golf simulation software that offers all the features an ideal golf simulation software should offer. 

Its overall combination of features and graphics will definitely exceed your expectations. The best thing is, it is compatible with almost all the major golf simulators!

So, if you are looking for functional software with a high-quality user experience, TGC 2019 will be your best bet!