Since March 2020, the world as we know has turned upside down. With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, our regular lives have upended in an unprecedented way, preventing many of us to go out and do many outdoor activities. It has been a whole year, but the situation has not improved in many countries yet.

Even if your area has resumed its normal course of life, it might be not possible for many to go out. Even before the pandemic, bad weather is always a major barrier to outdoor golf. But this does not mean that you will have to put a stop to your golf practice. There are a number of ways in which you can improve your golf skills and get back to the course as ready as you ever will be. No matter at what level your golf skills are, following these steps will help you polish your game. If you are confined to your home for self-quarantine, you can try them out as well.

Try Practice Putting

If you cannot go out, you can always play using a practice putting at your home. Buy a putting mat and put it on any even surface and practice your strokes. It allows you to discipline your shots. Even if you do not have a wide space to play, putting mats can still let you play. They are usually 8 feet long and hence, can be set up in any available space. 

Use A Chipping Net

The practice net is great equipment that lets you play indoor golf without having to worry about haywire shots. Once you set up the net, you have to play the game to insert the ball into it. If you want to start your chipping drill as well, you can buy a chipping net instead.

Shadow Practice Using the Mirror

Many PGA golfers say that they have improved a lot by watching other players’ swing techniques and emulating them in their own game. Similarly, you can improve your technique to a great deal if you watch others.

But if you can’t get in touch with others, why not watch your technique instead? Stand in front of a full-size mirror and shadow your swings. This will allow you to identify the wrong moves, if there are any, and perfect your posture as well. This way, you will be able to find the areas where you need more practice and polishing before you get back on course once again.

Invest In A Golf Simulator

If you can’t go outside, you can set up your own indoor golf studio using a premium golf simulator at your home. Golf simulators give you the realistic feel of a real golf course. Most golf simulator software include hundreds of golf courses.

While most of them are user-designed, some of the simulators contain replicas of real-life premium golf courses around the world. Also, the tracking sensors and analyzers will help you improve your skill by assessing your shots and letting you know exactly where you need to put more effort. 

Practising at home will positively boost your confidence as a player. So, don’t fret over not being able to play outside anymore. Set up indoor golf and continue to enjoy the game.