Hoakalei Country Club is a modern-day golf course located on Oahu Island. This worldwide known championship course is suitable for every golfer, from novice players to professionals.  This is a 7,413-yard golf course. A wide range of its 6,732-yards area is covered by back tees while regular tees have covered 6,226 yards. It has broad fairways that let you swing your driver with confidence.

Hoakalei poses great challenges to the golfers and amazes the players with its stunning panoramic views. Playing at this golf course will make any golfer feel blessed. If you are eager to play at this golf course, all you need to do is to embrace Hoakalei CC (LiDAR). This is an advanced online golf course fabricated by The Golf Club 2019.  It resembles the original course and offers all features that you can get from the physical course. This amazing virtual golf course (designed by Simon Marques) will provide you with a unique experience that you might have experienced nowhere else. Test your skills and enjoy your favorite sport with this stupendous golf course.