Golf mats and putting greens are both useful components of any golf practice setup, regardless of your experience level. With these two items at your disposal, you can easily practice and improve your skills fast. While there are a lot of options out there to consider, the Fiberbuilt Golf Mat & Putting Green Combo is definitely worth looking at. It is a convenient package offering a lot of features that can help you get the best out of your sessions.

Fiberbuilt’s Combo Golf Mat & Putting Green blends Fiberbuilt’s highly-popular studio mat and premium quality putting green product. With this all-in-one training mat, you can start perfecting anything from driving to putting at your leisure. The Fiberbuilt 10′ by 10′ Center-Hitting Combo Mat contains Fiberbuilt’s high-performance, durable, and long-lasting fairway turf along with the company’s true roll putting green surface. It effectively replicates chipping and putting experiences on a golfer’s preferred course. The Fiberbuilt Grass hitting surface is covered by the 300,000-swing guarantee and is preferred by golfers around the world. 

Some Of The Key Features Of Center Hitting Fiberbuilt Golf Mat & Putting Green Combo Package -

  • A 10’x4′ Hitting Mat (two 4.5’x4′ Performance Turf Stance Mats paired with one 1’x4′ strip of authentic Fiberbuilt Grass) is combined with a 10’x6′, 10’x8′, or 10’x12′ Putting Green.
  • Fiberbuilt hitting surfaces are made from genuine Fiberbuilt Grass, which allows for realistic launch scenarios and protects from injuries. 
  • Hitting surfaces are made of genuine Fiberbuilt Grass, which allows for realistic launch circumstances and injury-free practice. 
  • Right- and left-handed golfers can both use the combo
  • Can be assembled quite easily and quickly
  • Configuration is suitable for most widely-used launch monitors

Fiberbuilt Golf Mat & Putting Green Combo – Center Hitting Package Includes – 

  • Nylon Fiberbuilt grass section (two quantity)
  • Performance Turf stance mats (two quantity)
  • Metal cups (two quantity)
  • A Putting Turf with two hole cutouts
  • An exclusive modular Rubber Foundation with locking fasteners

The Fiberbuilt Grass Series Center-Hitting Combo Golf Mat pairs a legendary studio mat with one of the best-putting greens on the market. The combination of putting green and center-hitting studio mat offers 100 square feet of space to help you maximize your game. It really is excellent for outside practice or can be hooked up to indoor simulators. 

Perks Of Buying Fiberbuilt Performance Turf Golf Mat

  • The Fiberbuilt Performance Turf Golf Mat is covered by a 300 thousand shot promise or a one-year manufacturer warranty. 
  • The manufacturer offers a 5-year limited warranty on the rubber bases. 
  • Stance Mats come with a one-year manufacturer warranty. 

If you are a golfer who wants to take their game to the next level, investing in the Fiberbuilt Golf Mat & Putting Green Combo can be a good decision. Check out its features and contents above to get a better idea. Fiberbuilt is one of the most reputed manufacturers of golfing products around the world. With the warranties being provided by the manufacturer you can be assured of protection from any product issues.