Do you need a golf net to keep your kids and animals secure while you hone your swing?

The Pro Series V2 Large Golf Net by Net Return may be the solution to your problem. It’s the one and only netting option on the market that can bring the ball to one’s feet without any intervention. The V2 is the new and enhanced variant of the classic Pro Series Net. It is a reliable option that will endure for many years to come and is easy to work with.

The Large models that are a component of the newest Pro Series collection, are 8 feet, 9 feet, or 10 feet tall and 6 inches wider than the standard Pro Series V2 net. Pro Series V2 Large Nets come in three different sizes to accommodate players of diverse heights and girths.

Sizes available for the big Pro Series V2 models are 8 and 10 feet wide respectively.

Pro Series V2 Large - Key Attributes

  • Additional mesh is used across the Pro Series V2 Large’s structure, giving players far greater robustness and longevity. This quality allows it to easily withstand velocities as high as 225 mph, and to endure stress for a long time.
  • Two useful side wing barriers are installed on the Pro Series V2 Large to guarantee that all missed balls stay within the striking zone. The flaps’ included velcro fasteners allow for quite easy to set them up.
  • A black sleeve that goes over the netting of the V2 Large netting offers exceptional defense against sunlight. It is an upgrade compared to the nylon liner used in the brand’s Pro Series Net. The polyester also contributes to the lighter weight of the product.
  • The black-colored, powder-coated framework of the New Pro Series Large netting gives it a more contemporary appearance.

The Pro Series Net requires side barriers if it is to be deployed on the inside or in any setting wherein errant balls might cause harm. They’re essential if you want to keep those you love safe.

Multiple Sports Application for the Net

The Pro Series, V2 Large net is perfect for golf and many other sports. Users may use the net to practice baseball, soccer, softball, and even lacrosse.

Buyers of the V2 Net get immediate response, outstanding levels of efficiency, and the greatest levels of reliability and longevity. The Pro Series Nets from Net Return are expertly made, put through a thorough testing process, and proven to provide excellent durability.


High levels of security might be provided by the Pro Series, V2 Net’s barriers provided that the balls are kept inside the hitting area. These are convenient in that they take up little space and can be moved about easily.

If you’ve read thus far, you might have a fair idea about what to expect from the Pro Series V2 Net. You can count on these netting options to assist with your training activities, which will in the end contribute to higher improvement in your abilities.