Golf is all about accuracy and precision. This is the reason pro golfers invest so much in gadgets that help them track their games. Such precision is nearly impossible when you try to track manually. Hence, more and more golfers are leaning toward golf accessories and training aids that effectively help them in their game improvement. In today’s time, golf gadgets come in various shapes and sizes, often loaded with remarkable features. From GPS wearables to funky tees, the range of accessories has dramatically expanded only to make the game even more exciting.

Garmin Approach S62 is the most remarkable addition to that list. This cutting-edge golf GPS wearable is perhaps the best golf GPS watch available on today’s market. It is highly recommended by tour pros and reviewers for its incredible shot tracking abilities. Moreover, it includes all the latest features that one could ask for in a cutting-edge golf wearable. Take a closer look into the review to know more about its fascinating functionalities and why you should invest in Garmin Approach S62 without any second thought.

GPS Functionality Of Approach S62

Like any other Garmin product, the best part of Approach S62 is its GPS functionality. It easily stacks up against any other GPS or laser rangefinder in terms of yardage. S62 provenly gives you the precise distance to the front, middle, and back of the green, including layups and hazards.

It is also equipped with advanced Green View technology that displays the green layout from your angle of approach with an impressive manual pin placement system to give you the precise distance to the flagstick. 

Easy-To-Read Color Touchscreen Display

The large, neat 1.3” display is a major plus point of the product. It incorporates critical information as well as mapping in full color to help you visualize the game.

With this Golf GPS, you can clearly see the lay ahead and also move the pointers manually to your areas of interest. Virtual Caddy helps you select the clubs by taking into account past swings, wind conditions, and many other factors. 

Design Garmin Approach S62

In terms of looks, Garmin Approach S62 could be easily compared to luxury watch brands like Tag Heuer. The ceramic bezel body with interchangeable silicone straps comes as the perfect blend of style and comfort, making it look sporty and swanky at the same time. It is also scratch-resistant and waterproof, which makes the design highly practical as well. 

Loads Of Features

Although it is Garmin Approach S62 is more than a golf wearable. It features a host of fitness and health features, such as step counter, pulse ox, and advanced heart rate monitor, as well as useful applications like Smart Notifications, Garmin Pay, etc. It also features Sport Tracking, which means you can use the GPS wearable for a variety of sports and fitness activities, such as swimming, cycling, running, or simply during work out at the gym. 

Our verdict is that Garmin Approach S62 is undoubtedly the best golf wearable you can avail of today. It is not just accurate and effective; it is versatile and user-friendly as well. If you are ready to shed some extra cash for golf gadgets, then you should definitely try the new and improved S62.