For those who take their game of golf seriously, golf launch monitors have become rather indispensable. This amazing piece of advanced technology has become the key to game improvement. The Best Golf Launch monitors provide you with essential data points concerning your game and help you identify where you need to put the extra effort. The more accurate data you want, the higher-end device you need to opt for.

Until recently, most premium-quality launch monitors were rather expensive, making them well beyond the reach of many. But, with the continuous upgrade and innovation in golf technology, launch monitors have become rather affordable and accessible for all. Now, you can own your the best golf launch monitor without breaking the bank, or making tough choices between your coveted golf gear and some other necessary item. Here are some of the best launch monitors that you can afford at as low as $500.

FlightScope Mevo

FlightScope’s Mevo is a portable launch monitor compatible with both outdoor and indoor golf. It incorporates a Doppler radar technology for tracking the shots. It can be directly connected to your phone so that you can easily view the ball and swing data in real-time. Practically, the Mevo launch monitor uses the built-in camera in your phone to record the shots.

Besides, you can record all the recording video data and watch it later. You can even overlay the data with your swing path and flight data for future comparison. The best part of FlightScope Mevo is that it comes with a voice function feature that lets you know the estimated shot distance without even looking at the device.

Ernest Sports ES14 Pro

Ernest Sports’ ES14 Pro is perhaps one of the most accurate golf launch monitors within this price range. The Doppler radar technology of the device stacks up against the expensive launch monitors in terms of accuracy and ball data.

This is the most accurate golf launch monitor that you can get within this price range. It can measure up to 7 data points, including vertical launch angle, spin rate, smash factor, and clubhead speed. It comes with a high-resolution LCD screen that instantly displays the results.

Rapsodo MLM

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor (MLM) has been declared the official launch monitor of Golf Digest in 2020. It is the only golf launch monitor available on today’s market that utilizes the power of your iOS device to provide you instant feedback on launch data, active shot trace, and instant video replay.

Using radar/camera technology, Rapsodo MLM analyzes the initial flight of your golf ball to calculate the distance and trajectory. The level of accuracy that Rapsodo MLM guarantees is quite comparable to some of the most expensive launch monitors available today, including TrackMan and FlightScope Mevo. 

Swing Caddie SC300

Compared to other launch monitors falling within the same price range, SC300 offers you way more measuring data. It gives you surprisingly accurate data on Ball speed, Swing speed, Launch angle, Smash factor, Carry and total yardages, Spin rate, and Apex. Moreover, the model lets you sync your shot data directly to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth.

If you were thinking that launch monitors were essentially a costly affair, we are more than happy to break the myth. So, don’t think any further. Just decide what you are looking for in your personal launch monitor and bring the incredible device home.