To hit the perfect shot in a round of golf, estimating the yardage is extremely crucial. If you are not measuring your shots perfectly, then you are adding unnecessary strokes to your game. The best alternative to this is to use a golf rangefinder. This amazing device helps you to accurately measure your yardage and hit the ball right every time. Here is a list of the best golf rangefinders available today on the market.

Voice Caddie L4 Laser Golf Rangefinder

Voice Caddie L4 Laser Golf Rangefinder is equipped with cutting-edge technologies from Voice Caddie’s best-in-class inventory. It is powered by an innovative, sleek, and highly effective design. The advanced Directing Booster Sensor of the device improves the performance by quickly measuring your distance with a single tap of the button. The GPS Pin Assist Mode assists you in mastering the tricky shots by filtering the clutter in the background. Besides, the rangefinder features Laser technology that guarantees optimum precision and accuracy.

Also, it comprises an enhanced 6X Super Optical Lens that significantly amplifies the clarity and visibility to ensure the perfect shot. Furthermore, the highly durable material of the rangefinder guarantees impeccable shock-resistance, longer life, and enhanced ease of use on the golf course. Thanks to the Continuous Scan Mode, the device continuously displays data until you press the button and release the handle. What’s more, this feature allows the device to measure your yardages under all conditions. 

SkyCaddie SX500 Golf GPS Rangefinder

SkyCaddie SX500 GPS Rangefinder from SkyGolf could be the best way to measure your yardage. The small yet sleek gadget with cutting-edge technology automatically reorients the golf hole from your position and tracks your progress from the tee to the green. It also comes with 35000 pre-loaded and ground-verified golf courses created by some of the finest golf mappers in the world. The SkyCaddie’s high-definition, 5” touch screen is driven by a multi-core ultra-fast processor that gives you unmatched accuracy.

With super large fonts and vivid colors, the display offers you a flawless experience. It is built with the largest batteries in the existing market, which guarantees extended playing hours without any impediment. The robust, water-resistant design also enables it to withstand all kinds of challenges, thus giving it a long life. But, the most amazing feature of the SkyCaddie SX500 GPS rangefinder is its multi-constellation navigation satellite system. Using the technology, SkyCaddie SX500 ensures improved performance and ultimate accuracy in measuring your yardage.

Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Patriot Golf Laser Rangefinders

Bushnell brings you the best-in-class laser rangefinders that provide you precise data on yardage. It offers you better performance with enhanced accuracy and flawless calculation. Equipped with advanced technology, this rangefinder comes with a chock-full of amazing features. The Slope Switch Technology allows you to toggle between the slope functions with increased ease. Also, the Integrated BITE magnetic cart mount feature makes attaching the rangefinder on your cart bar easier.

The PinSeeker mode is another amazing feature of the Bushnell Laser Tour V5 Shift Patriot Golf Rangefinder that makes locking on the flag easier by filtering out background clutter and faulty distances. High definition, vivid colors, and magnification are the highlights of the Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Patriot Golf Laser rangefinder. With these rangefinders, you can now accurately know your distance even on those bad weather days.

These are the best golf rangefinders of 2021 and your best companion on the golf course. The days of walking around the course to check for markers are over. Switch to golf rangefinders and hit the most perfect shot of your career.