Just like any other sport, golf requires patience and consistency. And since every sport demands to be given proper time to be excelled at completely, golf is no exception to the rule. 

In this era of technology, one cannot simply rely on his talent alone. There is always a gadget that can help you take your game to the next level and in golf, having the best equipment really matters.

Hence, getting the right rangefinders has been one of the most important aspects of bringing your game to the next level. This is where Bushnell Pro XE comes to shine with its marvelous features.

So, How Does Bushnell Pro XE work?

If you want the latest technology-laden rangefinder, Bushnell Pro XE is all that you need. Its ease of use and effect on accurate yardages is what make it a golfer’s delight. 

Just like any other rangefinder, Bushnell Pro XE is also convenient to set up and simple to use. Just locate your target, press the button and you get the precise distance in no time with pinpoint accuracy. 

You can push the power button for bringing up the target circle and for getting distance as well by pushing it the second time. Moreover, the Bushnell Pro XE is known to be accurate up to 1,400 yards.


What Features Does Bushnell Pro XE offer?

Bushnell Pro XE comes with the following remarkable features

  • Simple to use
  • Sleek, compact, and modern
  • It has a powerful 7x magnification lens
  • Can be attached to any metal surface
  • Introduces barometric pressure and temperature
  • Waterproof
  • Includes slope technology for better accuracy
  • Cr2 battery included
  • Tends to improve accuracy in less time 
  • Promising durability 

What Other Features Does It Provide?

Other than the larger size than its predecessor, you can also see an upgrade in the magnification lens from 6x to 7x, giving even crispier and clear image results of your target. 

Bushnell Pro XE has set the bar high with its ‘slope with elements’ feature. Speaking of which, not only does it adjust for a high or lower pin, it also includes temperature and barometric pressure. 

Another amazing feature that Bushnell Pro XE introduced is Visual Jolt. When you lock onto the pin or the target, the device vibrates and flashes red, giving you the confidence of getting it right. 

So, Is It Worth The Money?

With hundreds of rangefinders surfacing in the market day in and day out, finding out the best one can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t have any specific model in your mind.

With Bushnell Pro XE, rest assured that you’re getting your hands on one of the best rangefinders that will bring a massive change in your range skills as well as accuracy while saving valuable time. 

No matter if you’re a professional or a casual golfer, Bushnell Pro XE will prove to be the best rangefinder since it can stand unfavorable weather conditions while making you feel confident on the course.