The Olympic Club Foundation undertook the responsibilities of the financially sinking Lakeside Golf Club in 1918. Later the country home was extended by buying enough acreage to supplant the original course with two new golf courses (the Lake and Ocean courses). This Club at Lakeside nurtured dedicated and determined golfing talents for many years. Many were introduced to the OC Hall of Fame including Bob Roos, Dorothy Traung, 

Ken Venturi, etc. The twisting layout of the course has made golfing challenging and this is the reason it is one of the best places for novice golfers to enhance their skills in a challenging environment. With the help of The Golf Club 2019, now you can receive the same experience of playing golf at this course from your home. Yes, all you need is to try the Olympic Club Lake Lidar. Ahecht415 has designed this marvellous course that possesses 18 holes. Embrace this virtual golf course to cherish your love for golf.