As a golf enthusiast, you must have one favorite golfer whom you look up to. You might even want to become like them someday, so you try to emulate their style, techniques, and even the little superstitions they might follow on the course. But beyond their style, have you ever wondered what gadgets they use?

Not just on the course, but also for their game improvement? Of course, the standard launch monitors won’t suffice for their advanced skills. So, what are their secrets? Which launch monitors are capable of supporting the legends? Here is a sneak peek into the upper echelon of golf. Read on to find out the top 3 premium golf launch monitors that PGA stars use.


Among the league of legends, Trackman is one of the premium golf launch monitors and arguably takes up the leading spot when it comes to “tour-tested” performance. The brand boasts more than 350 PGA professionals as patrons, which is no less than 5 times its nearest competitor. Stars like Francesco Molinari, Dustin Johnson, Sergio Garcia, Justin Thomas, Jason Day, and many more use Trackman as their first choice. If you watched the 2019 U.S Open, you probably have seen that Trackman launch monitors were set up on every single tee box in the tournament. Considering the specs and features of Trackman, this is obvious. 

The premium launch monitor is reportedly the industry standard for accuracy. Powered by Dual Radar technology, it can focus on the ball and the clubhead at the same time. As a result, it can factor in more data metrics into the calculation and provide the most accurate results. You can expect perhaps the largest amount of data points from Trackman compared to most launch monitors. The performance is simply outstanding. Besides, it is fairly lightweight, portable, and perfectly suited for both outdoor and indoor use.  

Foresight Sports GCQuad

Foresight Sports is one of the leading brands in the golf industry today, and GCQuad is perhaps their best offering so far. In terms of performance, GCQuad is a beast. It is robust, powerful, yet compact and easy to use. The fact that stars like Bryson DeChambeau and Rickie Fowler use this launch monitor might testify to its brilliance. 

Unlike Trackman, GCQuad is a stereoscopic device. However, it uses not two, but four high-speed cameras to capture the ball and clubhead data. So, you can blindly trust its accuracy. Besides, photometric devices are found to deliver better accuracy when it comes to direction and spin. Besides, it is half the price of most high-end launch monitors. 

FullSwing Golf

While talking about PGA stars, there is no way we can ignore the maestro—Tiger Woods. And in case you are wondering, he does use the FullSwing Golf launch monitor. In a recent viral video, he was seen playing with a Portable Kit launch monitor, which the company reportedly built for him as per his request.  

According to the website, this custom Kit launch monitor has the best app to analyze the swings. Golfers can also re-arrange the points shown on its display using an iOS device, or even through headphones/earphones.