Golfers are always dependent on analytical tools because of the fierce competition they face on the playing field. These tools are helpful since they specify the exact actions you must perform to progress. Anyone can improve their mobility, putt more consistently, and advance their short game using Blast Motion’s Golf Swing Analyzer.

With the creative application of cutting-edge technology and quick ability level assessment by Blast Motion Golf, players may improve their skills and discover how to begin training more efficiently. This analytical instrument might be very beneficial to educators as well as learners. This clever sensor might potentially improve the instructional experience for golf instructors and their students.

The Blast Motion Golf Mobile App lets you log all of your finest shots, monitor your progress, and make any necessary adjustments.

The qualities and benefits of the product

  • It’s easy to install the Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer sensor onto a typical golf club handle.
  • Any video segments that are pertinent to your KPIs are quickly removed when you use Smart Video CaptureTM.
  • The sensor may receive data from any portable device—phone or tablet—that has low-energy Bluetooth capability.
  • With the information gathered from their strokes, one may alter their face rotations, speed, and duration of stroke.
  • The integrated educational modules of the program comprise fit hurdles, thorough explanations, and subsequent steps.
  • The special application keeps an eye on your data and looks for trends.
  • Even when the device is not in use, the motion sensor keeps an eye on activities.
  • Without ever shutting down the program, you can even transmit and receive data and pictures via networking sites and mail.

Product Specifics:

  • Various stroke patterns are conveyed through the entirety of the swing alongside assistance putting.
  • Use the irons, putters, wedges, and woods as you see fit.
  • Devices running iOS and Android may now utilize the Smart Video Capture feature.
  • Mobile devices running Android and iOS may employ adaptive slow motion.
  • Performance Metric Layering now offers suggestions for on-demand movies for iOS and Android mobile devices. On conforming devices, this feature is now available in Smart Notifications (Voice Announcements).
  • It can establish a connection with iOS and Android-powered devices thanks to Bluetooth 4.0 Low Power.
  • You can monitor your statistics and see the top hits from any device. You also need to be conscious of the loft and lie angles in addition to the leading, reverse, and general swings.
  • Measurements for backswing, downswing, full swing, swing speed, energy transfer, power gauge, swing rhythm, efficiency index, and blast factor are all included in the Android and iOS application. The two areas that interact are the putter’s peak and the golf club grip.

More information

* Swing and stroke analysis

* You may use the smartphone application for free.

* The sensor weighs an ounce and a half.

* A long, clear grip extension including a charging cord and black socket

See the material above to find out everything there is to know about the Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer.