Golf is a game about innovation, and it innovates and evolves with its players, becoming a different and better version of itself every coming day. 

A game of golf could be a competitive and rewarding experience as well as a comfortable and enjoyable outing with friends and family, simply acting as a great way to vent out stress and live a better and more enriching life. 

So, when you are trying to buy your next indoor golf products, don’t forget to check up on the brands before you choose them, both for the products they offer and the loyalty they have from their customers.


TruGolf Company was first established in 1983 with the aim to drive the golf industry by providing the most accurate and realistic simulation experience possible with the use of technology, creating the first 3D simulation engine for golf.

TruGolf Company is also behind the immensely popular and highest-quality simulation E6 CONNECT, combining it with launch monitors to provide an indoor golfing experience that had never been imagined before. 

Not only the brand offers decades of experience backed by awards but also brings along high respect and dedicated team of engineers, developers, and golf experts who have carved their name as leaders of the industry.

What Products Do TruGolf Offer?

The various products offered by TruGolf include,

  • Vista 8 Base/Pro
  • Vista 10 Base/Pro
  • Vista 12 Base/Pro
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What Other Benefits Do They Provide?

The industry-leading simulators produced by TruGolf are designed for lasting performance, reliability, and flexibility, allowing them to be used at homes, offices, and even professional clubs.

Unlike many smaller brands, TruGolf designs manufactures and manages its own hardware to produce responsive service, unmatched performance, and superior optimization for all its customers.

TruGolf is exceptionally beneficial for its customized and gamified approach towards golfing in clubs and indoor golf facilities, helping them bring in more revenue and traffic with their simulators.

For a fraction of the price of high-end units, TruGolf provides insanely accurate statistics using its patented Point-of-Impact technology that remains unrivaled in the market.


TruGolf takes pride in the fact that its performance, dedication, and innovation brought golf indoors with its simulators and data analyzers, revolutionizing the golf industry forever.

At the same time, they have continued to innovate and improve the quality of their products and services, allowing the brand to remain trusted and relied upon by most professional players, coaches, and golfers.

So, if you think you want a brand that leads and commands the markets when it comes to indoor golfing, you would be making the right choice by choosing TruGolf for yourself.