A simulator package is the best thing any golfer can purchase if they want a fully hassle-free golf simulation experience. Investing in a quality setup ensures that you do not have to scramble to find different components and accessories on the market. Everything you need to start swinging away in your living room or garage is in the package. 

One of the most popular providers of feature-rich and dependable golf simulator packages is SkyTrak. A brand trusted and recognized by thousands of golfers across the globe, it has transformed how people go about simulated golf practice. The Skytrak SwingBay Golf Simulator Studio package is an all-inclusive setup that really does have almost everything you need to get started. It is one setup that both professionals and amateurs will find to be useful. 

The Skytrak SwingBay Golf Simulator Studio offers durable and feature-rich components that justify the price you are paying for it. It is one investment that can get you ready for a lifetime of unforgettable and meaningful practice sessions, right from the comfort of your home. 

What Are The Contents Of The Skytrak SwingBay Golf Simulator Studio package?

Take a look at the different contents of the SwingBay Golf Simulator Studio package below. Note that some of these can also be customized or omitted from the package based on your specific requirements. 

Package Includes: 

  • SkyTrak Launch Monitor (with Protective Case)
  • SkyTrak App
  • SkyTrak Game Improvement Software
  • SwingBay Side Netting
  • Gaming Laptop (as an optional item)
  • Golf Mat (buyer can select from different sizes)
  • 2 Landing Pad Turfs (5 feet by 10.7 feet)
  • Laptop Stand (as optional item) 
  • Projector Ceiling Mount or Projector Floor Enclosure
  • Mousepad and Sleeve for Laptop
  • Optoma Full HD 1080p Short Throw Projector 
  • Ball Tray 
  • HDMI Cable (1080p)
  • Birtees
  • USB Adapter

The Skytrak Golf Simulator is widely regarded as one of the most popular and feature-rich simulators on the market. It has been acknowledged by the Golf Digest publication’s readers as the Best Value Golf Simulator for several years. This simulator and launch monitor system is capable of – 

  • Providing precise readings across as many as 15 data points
  • Offering various powerful game improvement features for golfers
  • Fun and engaging challenges for golfers to test their mettle
  • Wide compatibility for various market-leading golf simulation software applications. 

Know More About The SwingBay Hitting Enclosure

The SwingBay Hitting Enclosure is a highly durable and reliable enclosure preferred by golfers across the world. It comes with – 

  • Easy to set up framing system
  • Durable and high-quality side netting 
  • A highly resistant screen that can take shots at speeds of up to 250 mph
  • Blackout walls that facilitate improved projection display
  • Full-screen projection dimensions

The Optoma Full HD 1080p Short Throw Projector

The Optoma Full HD 1080p Short Throw Projector is a revolutionary projector that offers a high-brightness display, and it complements the SwingBay Screen well. It is capable of producing as much as 3000 Lumens of light and offers flawless HDMI connectivity for your ease.

As mentioned above, you also get a hitting mat, turf covers, and a laptop (optional). It is important to note that the laptop is well-suited to run the TGC 2019 simulation software. 

Check out the information given above to get a clear idea about what the Skytrak SwingBay Golf Simulator Studio has to offer. It can be just what you need to enhance your simulation experience.