One of the best current golf cart options now is the Callaway Traverse Lithium Remote Control Electric Golf Push Cart. It enables you to be completely free of the burden of transporting bulky tool bags around the circuit. A lightweight alternative like a cart helps golfers who are fatigued perform better on the greens. A sealed high-torque motor with variable speed choices and remote control for three pre-programmed settings is included with the Callaway Traverse.

A Lithium-ion battery that provides dependable performance for up to 27 holes can power the Traverse Caddy. The Callaway Traverse Caddy is simple to fold up and transport from one location to another. It is also simple to store due to its small size. Users may alter the cart depending on their body shapes and a broad range of heights. The remote control for this caddy allows customers to change movement direction and speed with only one button press.

Callaway Traverse golf cart features

  • The remote control may stop the caddy and move it left or right, forward or backward, depending on the specified distance you choose.
    Foldable design for simple transportation and storage
  • Bag straps that resemble elastic and an adjustable handle
  • Lithium-ion battery enables the cart to run for as many as 27 holes.
  • with a dual motor and strong torque
  • Aluminum frame contraction
    Dimensions of the shipping box: 32.25″ x 27.5″ x 16.25″
  • For smooth and silent operation, the gearbox and motor housing are sealed.

The Key Specs

  • Battery range: 27 holes at a distance of 75 yards
  • Comes with variable speed control (there are 3 preprogrammed speeds)
  • 38 pounds in the cart (without battery)
  • Battery weight: 4.82 lbs
  • The battery needs 3–6 hours to completely charge.
  • 800 charges in a lifetime for the battery
  • 2000 mAh 25.2V 10Ah battery
  • Motor: DC 24V, 90W
  • Frame Aluminum and ABS materials
  • Wheel ABS Spokes, an Aluminum Hub, and Rubber Tread
  • Charger Source: AC Charger Output: 3.5A, 29.4V, 100V-240V (trickle charging)
  • Dimensions when folded (without wheels): 32″ x 26″ x 14″
  • Dimensions when unfolded (with wheels): 46″ x 27″ x 39.5″
  • Has the following remote control movement options: forward, reverse, left, right, stop, set distances and others
  • Braking on descent
  • supple handle
  • 51 lbs package weight
  • Dimensions of the package: 32.25″ x 28.5″ x 16.25″
  • A 12-month warranty on all parts

The hands-free motorized Callaway Traverse golf cart is designed to help you play better golf. With its handy and user-friendly remote control, it allows the user total control over direction and speed. This makes it among the most convenient golf cart solutions available. It could be just what you need to fight fatigue brought on by carrying golf equipment and accessories over the greens. Along with storage space, the Traverse Cart offers containers for a scorecard, an umbrella, balls, tees, and beverages.

Traverse from Callaway is a product worth considering if you’re in the market for a durable and adaptable electric golf cart right now.