Golf enclosures come in handy for any enthusiast who wants to play or practice indoors. With so many great brands and products on the market, choosing one can be difficult. One model you can look at is the Pro Golf Simulator Screen Enclosure by HomeCourse. It ticks all the boxes for a feature-rich enclosure system.

The HomeCourse Pro Screen Enclosure refers to a cutting-edge, and retractable type indoor golf simulator screen. It can let users turn their living rooms, basements, and garages into fully functional simulator studios or ranges without much time or effort. With its wireless and battery-powered construction, this screen is considered one of the most portable products in its category. Users can fold it up and easily get their space to its original state.

This screen is created from ballistic-grade plastic and is capable of withstanding high-impact drives from golfers with powerful strokes utilizing genuine golf balls repeatedly. To defend against mishits, the unit is enclosed by pro-arm and sky netting fences. This innovative product enables golfers of across different skill levels to gain education, practice, and enhance their skills without any hassle.

Product Details

  • Easy Reach Pole
  • Charging Cable
  • Retractable Enclosure
  • Ceiling Mount Kit
  • Remote Control

How To Install HomeCourse Enclosure

The HomeCourse Pro Golf Simulator Screen Enclosure enables a player to transform any 8’H x 10’W x 8’D space into a full-fledged residential golf setup experience.

The HomeCourse Pro Screen should ideally be placed around 8 feet from the ground, and there has to be some gap from the wall to let the ball travel towards a player after being hit. Golfers may step quite close to the screen without their club hitting the ballistic-grade screen or anything behind them.

In-Depth Look Into The Components Of This Package

When playing or taking practice shots, users who want to play with a genuine golf ball can expect the sky netting and accompanying pro-arms of the product to ensure the minimization of interruptions.

These two components form a cage that helps to control stray shots, this offering ample protection to a golfer, their space, and everything around them. Included in the package is an additional arm extension component.

Ballistic-Grade Screen For Maximum Usability

The screen is composed of ballistic grade material that is meant to withstand the force of a golf ball hit at a very close distance by a full-swing shot. The bottom of the screen bends, allowing the ball to roll back to the feet of a golfer. With ample space and a set of golf balls at your disposal, all you need is enough room for the screen and enclosure to enjoy fulfilling practice sessions.

Retractable Feature for Hassle-Free Experience

When HomeCourseTM is in use, it might seem like your room space has diminished a lot. But since it is retractable, you can easily get back your space. With the push of a button on the supplied wireless remote, you can transform any area into and out of a virtual golf practice setting in less than a minute.

Take a look at the information given above to get an insight into the HomeCourse Pro Golf Simulator Screen Enclosure.