In order to provide everyone with a completely unique sports experience, TruGolf’s E6 Multisport Interactive Sport Camera combines contemporary technology with the newest VR-based simulations. It is an independent monitoring device that includes a few of the best sports arcade games. TruGolf systems are compatible with TruFlight 1 and 2, as well as TruTrack 2 monitoring technology. It is crucial to understand that a current E6 Connect paid membership is necessary. It is possible to utilize the golf simulators for TruGolf Vista 10 Pro and 12 simultaneously.

The E6 Interactive Sports Camera's tracking mechanism is made up of the following elements:

  • One of the two wide lenses is situated near the rear of the housing. The other one is viewing the display while leaning back against the operator.
  • When the balls are thrown or struck, the two cameras monitor them. These track data include direction and speed, which are then shown to the viewer.
  • Voice-based communication is made feasible thanks to the addition of a microphone.

The Game Modes Provided

On the TruGolf Interactive Multisport Sport Camera, users may discover a number of game modes to be quite engaging. These could help them improve their dexterity as well.

Rally Baseball

Users may test their stamina on the field using TruGolf’s Rally Baseball feature. High degrees of strategy are necessary for this game, which also has a play style reminiscent of the Home Run Derby and an innovative scoring system. This game also offers advanced features like Swing-Timing Power Boost and Voice-Activated Pitching.

Slap Shot Hockey

The TruGolf game selection also offers another entertaining game in the form of Slap Shot Hockey. Users can play online hockey with ease thanks to the three distinct play modes—Shoot Out, Long Shot, and Target Shooting. This game is playable by players, who will have a blast doing it.

Foot Golf

With your TruGolf Simulator, you may discover the magic of foot golf. Players may choose a route and utilize a Boost to enhance their gaming even further. Players may use the Demolition Mode to have flying pieces explode upon impact, so enhancing the thrill of their game.


Breakaway Soccer

Users may play virtual soccer in a whole new manner with Breakaway Soccer from TruGolf. Players have access to a variety of game choices, including passing, penalty kicks, and target practice. You may simply increase the difficulty level to really challenge yourself and enjoy yourself.

TruGolf Multisport Specifications:

  • Multiplayer: Up to 8 players may play concurrently in the multiplayer game styles. They are the ideal options for gatherings with family or coworkers.
  • Play modes: There are many different play modes available for the games that are featured.
  • Difficulty levels: All the activities have several Difficulty and Boost levels to assist participants who are less skilled.
  • Voice Activation: Voice Activation is a feature included in all games, allowing users to begin playing by speaking a few predetermined phrases or instructions.

TruGolf Multisport includes -

  • 1 soccer ball
  • 2 distinct foam baseballs
  • 1 voice-recognition microphone
  • 1 microphone stand

TruGolf Multisport's physical description

  • Six and a half pounds in weight
  • 11″ 14″ 10″ in size


Check out the information given above to learn more about Trugolf’s E6 Multisport Interactive Sport Camera.