Uneekor is a well-known global supplier of golf simulation tools with a large and ever-growing user base. For golf fans and seasoned experts alike, the company offers a diverse range of golf products and special offers at competitive prices. These are thorough product bundles that include all that is essential for meaningful and productive golf practice sessions. With the help of its packages, you may count on your regular practice sessions to see significant skill increases. Which are the best deals that Uneekor has to offer? Look down below.

Uneekor QED SwingBay Package – Uneekor QED SwingBay Package – The Uneekor QED SwingBay Package is a functionality-packed and budget-friendly golf simulation offering. It has – 

1. QED launch monitor -

Golfers from all over the world frequently select the Uneekor QED launch monitor over other options on the market. 

Features – 

  • QED contains two ultra-high-speed cameras that can record ball spin in real-time, simulate impacts, and record club path information.
  • Users have access to a wide range of game types, areas of practice, and skill activities where golfers may put their skills on trial to evaluate performance. It provides tools for swing video analysis.
  • Left or right-handed individuals may play to their full potential thanks to ceiling-mounted cameras.


2. The SwingBay Hitting Enclosure -

Golfers may easily protect their own possessions and property by using the sturdy enclosure product known as the SwingBay Hitting Enclosure.

Features – 

  • Simple assembly method
  • Darkened walls
  • Full-screen projection is supported by a military-grade screen for shots at up to 250 mph.
  • Strong and resilient side netting.

3. SwingTurf Golf Mat -

One of the best golf mats that simulate being on a fairway is the SwingTurf Golf Mat. It is available in 4′ x 9′ and 5′ x 5′ dimensions.

4. Turf -

Two 5′ x 10′ turf mats are included in the Uneekor QED SwingBay Package to fill the space between the mat and your screen. It provides your floor with a great deal of safety.

5. HD Short Throw Golf Simulator -

The screen from SwingBay works well with the Uneekor HD Short Throw Golf Simulator projector, which provides a display with adequate brightness.

Features –

  • Image brightness of 4000 Lumens
  • Full HD resolution
  • A display featuring a high contrast
  • Projector Floor Enclosure with SwingShield
  • HDMI supported

6. Simulation laptop

A simulation laptop with strong processing and HD graphics is included in the bundle. You may enjoy a seamless, lag-free experience thanks to it.

Uneekor EYE XO SwingBay Golf Simulator Package

The company also offers a top-tier bundle called Uneekor EYE XO SwingBay Golf Simulator. It includes – 

1. Uneekor EYE XO Launch Monitor and Simulator

A top-notch simulator and launch monitor is the Uneekor EYE XO. Golfers may use its high-speed lenses to precisely and quickly get input, enabling them to make data-driven judgments.

Features – 

  • More than 20 data points being measured
  • A wide range of simulation tools are compatible 
  • Swing Video Analysis Tools

Several upgrading possibilities

2. The SwingBay Hitting Enclosure

Similar to the one offered with Uneekor QED SwingBay package.

3. SwingTurf Golf Mat

Identical to the one offered with the Uneekor QED SwingBay package.

4. Turf

Identical to the one offered with the Uneekor QED SwingBay package.

5. HD Short Throw Golf Simulator

Identical to that which comes with Uneekor QED SwingBay package.

6. Simulation laptop

Identical to the one offered with Uneekor QED SwingBay package.

To choose which of the two Uneekor golf simulation software is best for you, compare their features and characteristics given above.