SkyTrak is one of the most renowned names in the golf simulation market, with a range of products, components, and packages. The performance, features, and reliability offered by the company’s offerings have made it a go-to choice for golfers around the world. Their golf simulators are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and offer realistic experiences for golfers of all levels.

Using a feature-rich simulator is the best way of practicing to improve one’s skills. The convenience offered by simulation systems can be quite advantageous to most people. One can easily play a round of virtual golf at home with a simulation system at any time, regardless of the weather outside. Having a SkyTrak system set up in your living room, garage or garden can be a great option. Read on to gain some insight about the top SkyTrak golf simulators in 2021. 

SkyTrak SIG10 Golf Simulator

The SkyTrak SIG10 golf simulator package is one of the most widely preferred options. It is known to deliver completely realistic golfing experiences with pinpoint accuracy. This package is considered one of the best options among the indoor golf simulators available today. The SkyTrak SIG10 bundle comes with the widely popular SkyTrak Launch Monitor. It is an industry-standard launch monitor system that can offer you a truly high-definition and realistic golfing experience.

SkyTrak makes use of photometric tracking that functions by capturing various ball data parameters. These include measurements of total distance, off-center distance, backspin, carry distance, side spin, launch angle, and several others. Other contents include a metal case for protection, simulation software, simulation enclosure with floor projector mount, and impact screen. 

Garage Golf Simulator

SkyTrak Flex Space Package

SkyTrak Flex Space Package is a suitable option for users who want to keep the simulator in a shared space. It is a flexible option for golfers who do not have a dedicated space for keeping their simulator setup. You can set up this package anywhere and pack it up when you are done. The package offers a great deal of portability to users. 

The SkyTrak Flex Space Package comes with the popular SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor, along with simulation software and a protective case. The HomeCourse Retractable screen is the highlight of this package. It can be ceiling mounted, stretched downwards for use, and has a button mechanism for screen retraction. Upon retracting the screen, you can easily restore your space for other purposes. 

Best Best SkyTrak Golf Simulator Packages Of 2021

SkyTrak Training Package

The SkyTrak Training Package is a simulator most suitable for outdoor use and known for the level of portability it offers. Players can carry it around from place and set it up in any outdoor space. 

The SkyTrak Training Package is considered one of the best portable golf simulation systems available currently for golfers. It comes with the SkyTrak Launch Monitor, the bundled software, side barriers, and metal protection case. Users have to choose from either the Home Series Net or Net Return Pro golfing nets with this package. 

Best Best SkyTrak Golf Simulator Packages Of 2021

These are some of the best golf simulation package options from SkyTrak in 2021. Explore the features of each to make the right purchase decision.