With the advent of innovative technology, the popularity of golf simulators has increased dramatically in recent years. This incredible golf gadget can significantly turn your golf experience more exciting, as well as help you in game improvement. The swing analysis and ball tracking features of the launch monitor have been proven instrumental in this regard. However, the highlight of golf simulators is their capability to transform your indoor golf sessions into a realistic experience. With a golf simulator, you can play golf on the simulated versions of world-class golf courses across the planet, enter online events and tournaments, connect with your friends living in other parts of the world, and so much more—all that from the comfort of four walls of your home. 

The key to this true-to-life experience of golf simulator is golf simulator software. Today, hundreds of brands offer cutting-edge technology and tons of lucrative packages to give you an exceptional indoor golf experience. However, you must remember that technology is constantly evolving. Therefore, it is always advisable to go with the most advanced golf simulator software.

SkyTrak is perhaps the most popular name when it comes to golf simulator technology. The trusted brand also brings you World Golf Tournament (WGT) Golf—one of the most advanced simulator software available today. It offers cutting-edge technology with a chock-full of incredible features that could make your practice sessions more exciting. Read on to know more about things you can expect from this amazing product. 

Course Selection

WGT Golf gives you access to some of the most popular golf courses from around the world, including Pebbles Beach, Chambers Bay, Valhalla, St. Andrews, Pinehurst 2, Congressional Country Club, and Bethpage Black. In addition, 12 more full-range courses are available for playing on WGT Golf when combined with the SkyTrak golf simulator.

To help you improve your game, WGT Golf offers six additional courses for its challenge mode as well. Thanks to SkyTrak’s remarkable image quality and high-end graphics, the courses offer the most realistic experience you can ask for in a golf simulator. 

Incredible Features

WGT Golf comes with a variety of play modes, including practice range, stroke play, and closest to pin challenges. Moreover, it also offers an amazing putting practice mode that helps you refine your putting and chipping skills, eventually improving your short game. 

Other than the different modes, WGT Golf also comes with various game improvement settings, such as multiple tee boxes, pin location, green speeds, wind conditions, and so on. With this software, you can play the entire 18-hole round or practice on different challenges with various yardages around the golf course.

When paired with SkyTrak launch monitor, WGT Golf can also provide accurate readings of ball and club data, including club speed, ball speed, spin rate, distance, and various other metrics. 

Compatibility And Specifications

WGT Golf is primarily designed as a simulator software for the SkyTrak golf simulator. However, it can also be enjoyed as a standalone video game on any Android, iOS, or Windows compatible device. But remember, when coupled with the SkyTrak simulator, WGT Golf is not supported by iOS devices.