Imagine driving your golf balls on some of the most popular golf courses in the world and spending quality time with your friends or family in the same room, without even having to step out of the home. While the golf simulators offer you a host of world-class golf courses to play indoor golf and help practice your shots, they nowadays come with several other virtual sports and games options that your family and friends can take part in together. Here are some things to add to your indoor golf setup to get the most out of it and double the fun. 

A Putting Green

If you are seriously trying to improve your golf skills, then practicing good putting is absolutely essential. Any golf expert will tell you how important putting green is for lowering the score in a game of golf. So, don’t just focus on full swings and instead, invest in a good putting green to improve your short game. This could as well be an all-in-one hitting area with hitting mat and putting green with hole cutouts.

Or else, you can also place a standalone putting surface on one side of the room. Make sure the putting surface has a heavy-duty, solid rubber foundation so that it prevents slipping or sliding and ensures enhanced comfort underfoot. Also, ensure that the putting surface provides you with premium quality fairway turf and true roll. 

A Multi-Terrain Mat

Practicing on a multi-terrain golf hitting mat is a great way to improve your game. Choose a hitting mat that features turfs of different lengths so that you can simulate various lies and more accurately while hitting indoors. Make sure the hitting surface has a heavy-duty, solid rubber foundation so that it prevents slipping or sliding and ensures enhanced comfort underfoot. The solid base helps to reduce ball bounce and thus eliminates the chances of turf shock and injury.

Cell Phone Tripod

Many smartphones nowadays allow you to record your game in slow motion. So, instead of investing in an expensive video camera, just buy a cell phone tripod and store all the essential data with your phone. There are loads of apps for game improvement and instructions too. 

An AV And Projector

If you design your indoor golf set up as a game room alone, you might be missing out on a large portion of your house that can be utilized in other ways. Instead, you can build the system with portable golf gears that can be moved around to make more room and free up space for various activities.

Further, with a golf simulator and AV installation, the room can accommodate a variety of media sources and serve as a home theatre or media room. Choose an overhead projector and a retractable/ adjustable simulator screen and you are good to create a media-cum-game room.

Ball Dispenser

Add a ball dispenser to your indoor golf system that will tee up the ball for you. Trust us, your back will thank you for this!

Your indoor golf setup does not have to all business. Add some cool gears and elements to make it a perfect spot for hanging out. Choose a sofa/recliner to sit back and rest. You can also add a minibar or keg to it. Because, why not?