Putting is important and as someone who plays or follows golf, you must already know that. However, most golfers struggle on the greens even though they understand the importance of putting. Putting practice may not always be exciting, but it is essential. By working on solving this piece of the puzzle of the game and using technology like a golf simulator, you can bring your A-game and look forward to lowering your scores.

Here, take a look at some of the tips and tricks that will help improve your putting game.

  1. Maintain speed consistency – It can be hard to maintain a consistent speed from putt to putt. You might be conservative with some and aggressive with others. Instead, you need to control your speed and keep it relatively steady. Always strive to roll the ball with enough pace so that it roughly reaches 1-foot past the hole if the ball does not fall in. 
  2. Find your center – You have to see the center of the hole for any given putt. This is the spot where you would want your ball to enter and it doesn’t have to necessarily be the spot in front of you. Take into account the expected break and use the expected point of entry as your center when you are taking your stance. 
  3. Lead with your left – If you shot a free throw using only your right hand, you would realize that you require your left hand as a guide. This is true on the greens. The left hand is the direction hand and it is as important as your right hand. Practice putting left-hand-only. 
  4. Light grip pressure – You don’t need to tightly squeeze the handle of your putting when you are making a stroke. Keep the grip pressure light so that the putter can freely swing back and toward the target. 
  5. Make use of a meter stick – When you are practicing putting, don’t hesitate to pull out a meter stick or even two. The meter stick will help you to learn about the weight of your putter. It will also help your muscle memory learn to understand how much force is required to make the putt. 
  6. The roll is important – During your putting practices, remember that it is crucial how you roll the ball and not how you hit it. The putter needs to have one fluid motion so that the ball has the right force that it needs to make it to the hole. The ball will hop if you hit it with your putter and you must try to avoid that. 
  7. Remember to warm up – Before playing a round of golf, make sure to warm up correctly. Get out to the practice green and practice putting. This will get a rhythm going for your stroke and give you an idea of the speed of the greens.
  8. Keep practicing – Keep practicing putting if you want to become a putting machine.

Hopefully, the tips and tricks mentioned will help you record some outstanding scores in the upcoming rounds.