In a game of golf, the importance of putting is fairly known to everyone. This is one crucial way to lower your score out on the course and get a leg up against your opponents. This is the reason most golfers invest serious effort to improve putting techniques and choose the best golf simulator for putting practice. If you are an experienced golfer, then you must already know how much practice does it take to hone the skill of putting. Therefore, if you wish to build an indoor golf simulator for your individual practice sessions, make sure it helps you practice putting as well.

However, if you are new to this game— it is high time to get a putting-friendly golf simulator because you need loads of practice before facing the legends out on the golf course. There are several golf simulators available on the market that could give you a great simulation for putting. Here, in this blog, we have jotted down a brief review for the best golf simulators for putting. Go through the specifications and choose the best golf simulator for putting practice that suits your needs.

Exputt EX300 Real-Time Putting Simulator

Perhaps the bestselling golf simulator for butting today is Exputt EX300. This is a unique training gadget for you, for, unlike other standard golf simulators, this one is dedicatedly built to give you a complete putting simulation. The one-of-kind simulator comprises a 40” X 12” putting mat with a built-in backstop at one end, thus making it a perfect putting bay.

The device is equipped with an ultra-high-speed camera that can precisely read your putter and ball movement, measure the statistics, conduct a comprehensive analysis. Combining all the data produces a perfectly simulated course environment for putting practice. Moreover, the Exputt EX300 golf simulator can simulate green speeds, weather conditions, slopes, and brakes to give you the real feel of a golf course.

Foresight Sports GC2

Foresight Sports’ GC2 golf simulators are widely known for their accuracy and cool features. When it comes to putting, the device could give you flawless data by tracking your pitting direction and distance, thanks to its high-speed stereoscopic cameras.

Moreover, it incorporates an internal accelerometer that guarantees highly reliable and precise ball data, providing you all the necessary resources to improve your putting skills. 

UNEEKOR EXE XO SIG10 Golf Simulator Package

This amazing golf simulator package is designed to give you a full range of simulated golf experiences involving all your drivers, woods, and irons. More so, it features a great putting functionality to let you hone your skills. Although it is a relatively new product, the incredible features of EYEXO SIG10 could stack up against some of the very best and expensive golf simulators available on today’s market. 

More precisely, it offers one of the best putting supports. The unique design of the golf simulator allows you to view different putting angles as well as ball impacts through slow-motion instant video playback. Moreover, the device features non-marked ball technology, giving you the freedom to use any ball you want, even real golf balls. 

All these golf simulators have been highly recommended for putting practice by golf coaches and Tour pros. So, pick one and start practicing today.