A putting green is a great addition to any property where players want to put in some hard work indoors. They meet the demands of a large number of individuals who value the flexibility of fast and effective practice at any time. Putting greens are quite important for any golf practice setup and could be crucial to your development as a player.

Big Moss’s putting greens have cutting-edge innovation that makes putts simple for players. These greens can be useful to both enthusiasts and professional players, and there are some variants to choose from.

Sizes of the putting greens at Big Moss Country Club are the 6′ by 10′ and 6′ x 12′ ones. To produce accurate putting and chipping results, the manufacturer has employed state-of-the-art True Tour Roll innovation. These greens are stitched multiple times, have several layers, and may last you for many years with very little maintenance. Golfers may use one of the two Big Moss products to hone their skills and get ready to compete on the greens.

For golfers who wish to hone their putting, chipping, and pitching skills before playing on competitive greens, the Big Moss Country Club Putting Green offerings are ideal. The 6′ x 10′ and 6′ x 12′ versions of the Country Club Putting Greens have state-of-the-art designs that provide realistic breaks appropriate for cross-grain putting. To increase the precision of practice rounds, these include centre holes with a 3-inch depth that are more minute. Installing these putting greens in your garden, deck, or basement is straightforward, and they may be quite helpful anywhere you have adequate room.

What Products Does The Big Moss Country Club Offer?

To get them started with their practise, golfers receive a chipping mat, a flagstick, a break area, a Velcro backstop, multiple flight chipping balls, and a user handbook.

What the Latest Versions Offer Users

  • With the Big Moss Country Club Putting Green’s most recent wrinkle-free and rubber-integrated surface, golfers may prevent popping and sticking.
  • The fairly bulky pad now rests evenly on the carpeting as well.
  • Users may rely on the updated detachable base’s increased depth to drill dead flat putts.
  • Improved chipping mat 
  • Standard-sized mugs now feature new coverings and flag holders.
  • Balls are kept on the ground thanks to the stadium’s backstop configuration.
  • The newly created break pads enable golfers to practice putts over a variety of topographical variations.

Following are some characteristics of the Big Moss Country Club Putting Green:

  • Short, practical game review Premium quality make to facilitate
  • Installation of mats is quick and easy.
  • incredibly transportable mat
  • True Roll technology at 11 stimpmeters speed
  • Making contours is simple by using break snakes.

The 6′ x 10′ and 6′ x 12′ Big Moss Country Club variants each come with four cups. Two break pads are also included on the greens, which may be used to imitate different putting strokes. The same Country Club Putting Green may be used for a variety of play styles. Golfers may effortlessly hone their putting skills on a variety of slope configurations while employing the breaks to their greatest advantage to increase their putting accuracy.

The putting greens made by Big Moss are thought to be just as lifelike as genuine grass, and the majority of golfers can afford it. You have all you need on these greens to start striking out at the office or at home.