Golf simulators have become increasingly popular among golf enthusiasts for the last few years. The good thing about golf simulators is that it allows you to play a round of golf anytime, anywhere you want. This way, you are never out of practice. However, the best part of owning a golf simulator is that it helps you improve your swinging skills in ways beyond your imagination. While playing with a golf simulator, it tracks all your shots and provides you with accurate measures, enabling you to identify the areas you need more improvement.

After testing several golf simulators available on the market today and heeding to millions of customer reviews, we can safely assure you that if you are seriously thinking about improving your game, the Uneekor QED SwingBay golf simulator is the best simulator package for you. The QED SwingBay is a relatively new product to hit the current golf market. Nonetheless, the amazingly unique technology has made it stand ahead of most existing golf simulators. Additionally, the reception it received from pro golfers around the globe only contributes to its reliability and puts it almost at par with leading professional golf simulators like TrackMan or GC2. We have jotted down the features of QED SwingBay for your quick perusal. Give it a read before you invest in one. 

A Complete Package

The QED SwingBay comes as a complete system, including Optoma 1080p Short Throw Projector, SwingBay simulator screen & enclosure, side barrier netting, ceiling projector mount, and SwingTurf hitting mat. This way, you won’t have to go hunting for each component separately. 

High-Speed Camera

The QED bar containing the simulator technology consists of two high-speed mounted cameras (≥3000 fps) that provides highly accurate ball and club data in real-time. The overhead cameras also give you a real freeway to easily hit the ball down and through.

Advanced Software

QED Ignite, the inbuilt software in the QED SwingBay features a swing motion analysis tool, fitting data, a 3D driving range, and most importantly, it features QED OPTIX,—the latest photographic video playback technology. The software is compatible with both E6 Connect and The Golf Club 2019. Further upgrades are also available, allowing you to access additional features contained in the dedicated software.

Graphic Quality

QED Uneekor has unparalleled graphics providing one of the most realistic golf experiences. The software contains several world-class golf courses and 3D driving ranges and also lets you customize your own course.


The most important feature of a golf simulator is its accuracy. With the two overhead high-speed cameras, the QED SwingBay provides you real-time data of your club path, ball spin, and true impact.


Along with the host of unique features, Uneekor also reports that there will be a lot of advanced features in the QED SwingBay in the upcoming years. Thus, choosing the best golf simulator does not only help you improve your game but also ensures that you stay ahead in the game. So, go ahead and build your dream simulator room with the Uneekor QED SwingBay golf simulator.