The Uneekor QED and the Foresight Sports GC2 are two wonderful products. If you cannot decide between these two units, read on, and you will learn about the main differences between them. While the Uneekor QED has been recently introduced, the other one has been a market leader for years. You will get both of them at a mid-level price point. These two units have some comparable aspects and data offerings. Check them out below.


You can associate photometric technology with both these launch monitors. It means that they can calculate shot data through your swing’s high-speed pictures that are taken through impact. They are then combined with advanced algorithms to offer you real-time shot data. Both these products read shot data almost instantaneously and are very accurate. 

The GC2 has a bit of a “street credit” as it is an established name in the market. The QED beautifully stacks up to GC2’s accuracy. Also, you get some cool technology that is not present with the GC2. The Uneekor QED can do a real-time video of its user’s swing path through impact. You can then watch the footage in slow-motion after every shot. It is an extremely unique feature, which you will not get in most launch monitor systems. Hence, the QED is a helpful tool for evaluating your results and obtaining a visual look at what occurred during your shot. 

A lot of people often get lost in the data that a launch monitor presents. Thus, the video is a helpful alternative for understanding what is happening with your swing. The other significant technological difference is how you set them up. The QED is placed on the ceiling above the hitting spot. On the other hand, the GC2 is positioned before you on the mat. 


Both Uneekor QED and Foresight Sports GC2 offer all the necessary ball metrics like ball speed, flight path, spin, carry and total distance, etc. GC2 is the most useful one for club data. However, it needs the Head Measurement Technology for this purpose. Without it, you cannot avail any club data metrics through the device. The QED provides a significant amount of club data, and that too without any upgrade. The GC2 with the Head Measurement Technology presents some extra clubhead metrics than the other device. However, it also costs more.


Both the devices’ features depend on what software you use with them. The only option available with the GC2 is the FSX 2020. It is the proprietary simulation and data analysis software from Foresight Sports. The product only offers plain text data without the FSX 2020. You can see your numbers through an app or on the screen attached to the device. With the QED, you can view all your numbers, but it also offers visuals that help you understand the data better. Features like swing path video, ball tracer view, and other elements make the QED stand out.

These points will help you pick the most suitable product. Get the best device to improve your virtual golfing experience.