The options for golf mats in the market are many, and it is difficult for the average golfer to make a choice. However, choosing the right mat can be crucial in determining what kind of golf practice experience one gets. If you are looking for suitable options, TrueStrike Golf Mats can be worth exploring. TrueStrike makes some of the most trendy and highly durable golf mats that golfers can lay their hands on. You can rely on the company’s range of mats to power up your practice sessions and prepare to enhance your skills on the greens.

TrueStrike Golf Mats look and feel very much like natural fairways, and this is what sets them apart from conventional golf range mats. They come with a high-quality silicone subsurface that is capable of absorbing a high level of impact regardless of how hard you hit your shots. Its technology helps to protect golfers from suffering impact injuries and symptoms such as shock and pain. Take a look at some of the common features of the company’s mats below. 

Features Of TrueStrike Golf Mats

  • Material to reduce impacts and shock
  • Stretchable mat surface
  • Divot-simulating silicone subsurface
  • Appearance and feel of natural fairways
  • Modular build that facilitates easy customization

The modular build feature or TrueStrike Golf Mats can prove to be quite convenient for golfers who want some flexibility. They can easily adjust mats based on their usage preferences. The subsurface is equipped with a nylon sheathed polyurethane pillow along with silicone gel and a closed-cell foam insert. 

TrueStrike Golf Mat - Double

The TrueStrike Golf Mat – Double is a premium product that can perfectly create the feel of a fairway that most golfers are used to. It is your best bet to get flawless impact reactions whilst swinging away. 

TrueStrike Double Golf Mat Features:

  • Realistic feel of a natural fairway
  • Divot-simulating silicone subsurface
  • Comes with a customizable modular build 
  • Premium stretchable surface material
  • Reliable impact and shock reduction 

TrueStrike Double Golf Mat Size:

  • 110 x 2 x 52 (W x H x L in inches) 

TrueStrike Golf Mat - Academy

The TrueStrike Golf Mat – Academy variant is a more affordable and smaller mat compared to the Double model. It also has most of the attributes and features of that model but is available at a lower cost.

TrueStrike Academy Golf Mat Features:

  • Get the feel of being on a natural fairway
  • Durable build with powerful shock and impact absorption properties
  • Modular build to give design-related flexibility to golfers 
  • Divot-simulating silicone subsurface
  • High-quality turf material that has optimal stretchability

TrueStrike Academy Golf Mat Size:

  • 80 x 2 x 52 (W x H x L in inches)

TrueStrike Golf Mat - Single

The TrueStrike Golf Mat – Single model is a compact design and is slightly smaller in size compared to the Academy variant. It is more portable but comes with all the benefits you can get from the company’s other mats.

TrueStrike Single Golf Mat Features:

  • Divot-simulating silicone subsurface
  • Surface that simulates the feel of a natural fairway
  • Custom modular build so golfers can make modifications
  • High level of shock and impact absorption
  • High-quality stretchable material surface 

TrueStrike Single Golf Mat Size:

  • 77 x 2 x 52 (W x H x L in inches)

Take a look at the golf mat options of Truestrike given above to take your pick.