Maxwelton Braes is known as a “Golfer’s Paradise”. This 6,041-yard course is one of the best courses in the country. It features a host of side bunkers, wide fairways, and challenging holes. It has all that makes the sport interesting and tests the golfer’s skills. This course is equipped with all the advanced features that can make a golfer happy. If you can’t wait to play this course, you should try Maxwelton Braes (Front 9). This is a virtual golf course that the Golf Club 2019 has developed.

It has 9 holes and JSKroll has designed it. From your home, you can enjoy the experience of playing at the original golf course. Moreover, this course will allow you to improve your golf skills. It will double your enjoyment and fun. So, what are you thinking? Try this online golf course, work on your hidden golf skills, and enjoy the game.