Golf simulators are improving in terms of technology every year and the level of features they offer to users. Many golfers also prefer the convenience of linking up a simulator to their TV screens at home. TV golf simulator options are many, and making the right choice can be a daunting task. But, with so many golfers being able to own simulators at affordable rates, having a TV simulator can be a great option. 

One of the best ways of saving money on simulator projectors and screens is opting for a TV simulation setup. For that, you will need to opt for an indoor simulator. There are various options for those on the market, and these are produced by some leading brands. You might have to get protective hitting screens and mats to prevent damage to your television unit and surroundings. In some cases, there may be options for TV simulation setups with foam balls. 

So, what are two of the best TV golf simulator options on the market right now? Take a look at the options given below to make your decision. 

1. The OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator

Optishot 2 is widely considered one of the best options out there when it comes to TV golf simulators. With this simulator, a user has to hit golf balls into a golfing net when they are in front of a television. This simulator comes with the infrared-powered Optical Golf Simulator Swing Pad, as this component helps to record and analyze the movement of a club when you take a shot. Golfers can view a virtual representation of their shot on their TV screens. This helps them get a clear insight into their swings and improve performance accordingly. 

OptiShot 2 lets users play with either foam balls or real golf balls as there is no danger of damaging anything. This golf simulator is bundled with proprietary software that gives users access to as many as 15 courses. You can practice across a range of game modes including Match Play, Stroke Play, Best Ball, Alternate Shot, Better Ball, Skins and Stableford.

2. The PhiGolf Swing Stick

If you are looking for another option, the PhiGolf Swing Stick system is worth considering. This is yet another popular choice for a feature-rich TV golf simulator. One plus point of using this is that you do not need to utilize a physical ball. This makes it a perfect fit for your living room. The PhiGolf Swing Stick system comes with the Phigolf Swing Stick, which is a device that makes ball-less virtual golfing possible. Motion sensing technology helps create a realistic simulation of your shot. If you are looking for a TV golf simulator for practicing at your convenience, this one fits the bill. 

With the PhiGolf Swing Stick system, you get its own software that has as many as 9 golf courses. In addition, it lets you play with your friends, practice in a driving range and play tournaments. Golfers can also choose to play with E6 software for a nominal additional monthly fee, and that comes with a lot more courses. PhiGolf Swing Stick system is quite a cost-effective simulator system for TV golf simulation. 

Compare the features of the two to determine the best choice for your TV golf simulation needs.