If you are looking for a launch monitor with golf simulator capabilities, chances are that you are comparing Skytrak vs Protee. Both the products are delivered by two of the leading brands in today’s market, and both are backed by solid recommendations from tour pros and golf coaches. You cannot go wrong with either of them.

However, there are some fundamental differences between SkyTrak and ProTee. Naturally, the personal preferences among golfers bifurcate the general opinion about which one works best for your indoor sim setup. To help you make up your mind, we have brought you a head-to-head comparison of SkyTrak vs ProTee. Go through the blog and choose what suits you best.

Data Accuracy

Both SkyTrak and ProTee are leading brands in terms of accuracy. Some might even say that they are the benchmarks of accuracy in the industry. However, there are some differences. SkyTrak uses camera-based technology to measure your club and ball data. It tracks your ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate by capturing a series of high-speed images at ball impact. Subsequently, it provides impeccable data points such as total/ carry distance, roll, clubhead speed, flight path, and more using advanced technology and algorithms. 

ProTee, on the other hand, combines high-speed camera technology with powerful optical sensors placed into the hitting mat. The cameras are placed as such that they capture horizontal and vertical launch angles while the hitting mat tracks ball speed and clubhead data using more than 100 optical sensors attached to it. Overall, both systems are quite accurate and provide meaningful data to help improve your game. However, the dual tracking system in ProTee delivers more club head data. 


The number of features in SkyTrak is overwhelming. As a premium launch monitor with simulation capabilities, it offers every possible feature you could expect from such a device. From skill assessments to bag mapping, from online challenges to integration with a variety of software options—it is practically a one-stop solution for your sim setup. However, you will need to pay a yearly subscription to access the features. 

Unlike SkyTrak, ProTee does not really come with any feature within the unit. The features generally depend on the software you use with the system. The base pack of ProTee comes with The Golf Club while the Golf Simulator Ultimate Edition and Base Pack 2 offer The Golf Club as well as ProTee 2.0. However, if you are looking for comprehensive session history, ProTee lacks in that department.  

SkyTrak vs ProTee: Benefits Comparison


  • Lightweight & Portable 
  • Statistical analysis and Session History 
  • Impressive Feature List 
  • Flexible Outdoor/Indoor Use 


  • Enhanced Accuracy 
  • More Clubhead Data 
  • Zero Shot Launch Delay 
  • No Yearly Subscription 


To sum up, SkyTrak is the best call if you are looking for an all-around solution. It provides a wide range of game improvement features and costs less. However, ProTee offers more clubhead data, which could be more useful for club fitting and coaching. It also provides a better simulation experience. But in case you want to dial in your numbers, SkyTrak is the right choice.