If you want to build an indoor golf setup, one thing you simply can’t do without good golf hitting net. In this regard, The Net Return is arguably the most trusted and popular brand name among golfers all around the world. It offers the best quality products with top-notch performance and guarantees extreme durability compared to any other hitting nets currently available on today’s market.

Also, The Net Return golf hitting net is that is the only golf hitting net in the world that is equipped with Automatic Ball Return technology. However, customers are often confused to choose between the Home Series V2 Multisport and the Pro series. To help you pick the best item that suits your purpose, here is a list of pointers highlighting the key features of the two products. 

The Home Series V2 Multisport Golf Hitting Nets

The Home Series V2 Multisport nets are an upgrade from The Net Return’s former popular range—The Home Series. The previous stainless steel frame design has been updated with a UV treated black powder-coated aluminum frame, making it sturdier and robust. This has made the hitting net more suitable for outdoor conditions.

The netting is also heavier than before, enabling the product to withstand more powerful shots than the Home Series nets. The new range also guarantees up to 25,000 shots during its lifetime. The current dimension specification of the product is 7’H X 7’W X 3’6”D and it weighs 26 lbs. The most appealing feature of the product, apart from its unmatched performance and high portability, is that it can be used for a wide array of sports, including soccer, baseball, lacrosse, softball, and of course, golf.

The Net Return Pro Series Golf Hitting Nets

The Pro Series golf hitting nets are the flagship product of The Net Return, Naturally, they are the most popular items among golfers. Measuring 7’6”H X 8’W X 3’6”D and weighing about 39 lbs., the lightweight, flexible net structure is a great option for both outdoor and indoor golf setup. The major plus point of the Pro Series nets is their incredible durability. An improved version of its previous products, the Pro Series nets are designed with 39% extra netting to provide more strength and net life.

The UV-treated black powder-coated aluminum frame and strong polyester netting also contribute to the product ensuring extended durability and high performance. Furthermore, owing to the rugged design and sturdy structure, it can withstand the most powerful of shots, with an impact up to 225 mph. Equipped with the Quick Color Connect system and large, stainless steel push buttons, it can be easily assembled by one person in well under 5 minutes.

Overall, both the Home Series V2 Multisport and the Pro Series nets offer almost the same features. However, the Home Series V2 Multisport is more lightweight and portable than the Pro Series. On the other hand, Pro Series nets offer a wider area for practicing.

So, if you want a more portable net and intend to use it for a variety of purposes, stick to Home Series V2 Multisport. But if you want a bigger playing arena, dedicatedly built for golf, then the Pro Series I the best choice for you.