Impact screens play a major role in determining the quality and safety of your golf simulation experience. Getting the right screen can be crucial for gaining a high level of protection for your assets and loved ones. One of the best options on the market is the HomeCourse Pro 180 Retractable Golf Simulator Screen. It comes with everything you can expect from a sturdy and reliable impact screen.

The latest model from HomeCourse is being considered a top choice by golfers around the world. For added durability, the pro-arm side netting has been replaced with ballistic-grade material. Pro-arms may be used in standard configuration or extended to form an amazingly wide 14 feet flat projectable area. It is suitable for projection in a 16:9 ratio. Owners of the current model of the impact screen will be eligible to purchase a retrofit kit.

Powerful And Convenient Features

At the touch of a button, HomeCourse transforms your room into an indoor range or a fully-functional golf simulator enclosure. At the end of your session, you can easily pack it up and it returns to its previous state. This impact screen may be used nearly anywhere, including the golfer’s living room, garage, office, storage space, or any other indoor space. It is widely considered one of the most excellent training and practice tools on the market. HomeCourse is in a class by itself, with unheard-of affordability and a comprehensive range of features and perks.

Think about adding a HomeCourse Landing Pad to your HomeCourse Pro 180 Golf Simulator Screen to cushion against the effect of the landing of golf balls when they return from the screen after impact. If you want to install the panel on a wall, experts suggest trying the HomeCourse Wall Mount Kit. This kit works in tandem with the overhead mount that comes within the package of your HomeCourse Pro Screen.

The Key Features

  • Pro Arms And Sky Net – When playing or practicing, use a real golf ball to avoid damaging a wall or window with any poor smashes. The sky net and the pro-arms create an enclosure that offers a high level of protection for you, your space, and your loved ones when shots are mishit. The screen’s pro-arms may be utilised in their conventional form or can be extended to provide a 14-foot-wide flat projectable surface. It is perfect for displaying an image in a widescreen 16:9 ratio.
  • It Is Retractable. It’s not an issue if you don’t have the room for a home golf simulator. When it’s open the HomeCourse Pro 180 Retractable Golf Simulator Screen looks great, and it folds and retracts neatly to give you the room you desire.
  • Wireless. There are no tangled cords to deal with. The device is driven by a lithium-ion battery that may last for months without needing to be recharged. Golfers can use the provided wireless remote to control the motor in a convenient way. 

Contents Of Package -

  • ProScreen
  • Pro-arms Easy Reach Arm
  • Remote control device
  • Ceiling mount and accessories 
  • Charger

Get some insight into the HomeCourse Pro 180 Retractable Golf Simulator Screen and its features above.