As far as golf carts go, the Callaway Traverse Lithium Remote Control Electric Golf Push Cart ranks among the better alternatives at the moment. You are able to go about the circuit without having to carry any hefty tool bags thanks to it. When there is a lightweight option, like a cart, fatigued golfers perform more effectively on the greens. The sealed high-torque motor in the Callaway Traverse has three pre programmed settings, variable speed choices, and a remote control.

With consistent performance for up to 27 holes, the Traverse Caddy may be propelled by a lithium-ion battery. The Callaway Traverse Caddy is straightforward to fold up and transport between sites. It is also simple to keep thanks to its little size. The cart may be altered by users to accommodate a variety of body shapes and heights. Consumers only need to push one button on the wireless controller to quickly change the caddy’s motion speed and direction.

Callaway Traverse golf cart specifications

  • The caddy may be stopped and moved backward, forward, left, or right using the remote control, based on the predetermined radius.
  • Consider a folding form for simple traveling and storage.
  • The bag has straps that mimic elastic and an adjustable handle.
  • The cart has a twin motor and strong torque, and a lithium-ion battery can power it for up to 27 holes.
  • Aluminum frame contraction
  • The size of the shipping box is 32.25 “With dimensions of x 27.5″ x 16.25,” the gearbox and motor housing are sealed for silent operation.


What Is Important


  • The battery’s range is 27 holes at a 75-yard distance, and it has a variable speed control (there are 3 preprogrammed speeds)
  • The cart contained 38 pounds (without battery)
  • 4.82 lbs battery weight
  • The battery needs three to six hours to charge completely.
  • There are 800 charges throughout a battery’s lifespan.
  • 2000 mAh capacity
  • 10 amps at 25.2 volts
  • Aluminum and ABS materials are used in the wheel ABS spokes, which have an aluminum hub, as well as a charger.
  • AC Charger Origin of Frame
  • output: 3.5A, 29.4V, 100V–240V (trickle charging)
  • 32″ x 26″ x 14 “once folded (without wheels).
  • Size (when expanded, with wheels): 46″
  • The following remote control movement choices are available: left, right, stop, set distances, forward, reverse, and more.
  • Descending while braking using a flexible handle
  • 51 lbs. total for the package
  • 32.25″ x 28.5″ x 16.25″ package size
  • A comprehensive 12-month warranty


By using the hands-free motorized Callaway Traverse cart, you may up your level of play.

Because of its easy and user-friendly remote control, it gives the user total control over direction and speed. As a result, it ranks as one of the most useful golf cart solutions available.

It can be just what you require to overcome the exhaustion caused by hauling golf equipment across the greens. The Traverse Cart includes a storage room as well as sections for a scorecard, an umbrella, balls, tees, and beverages.


Callaway’s Traverse is a device to consider if you’re searching for an effective and adaptable electric golf cart right now.