Golf mats are useful accessories to adorn any living room, garage, or outdoor practice area for those who are passionate about practicing. If you are a simulation enthusiast or someone who wants to improve their skills for competitive play, getting a high-quality mat is quite essential. With so many options from so many brands out there, it is quite easy to get confused. But the
Flight Deck Practice Station Golf Mat by Fiberbuilt is one of the options worth looking at if you are in the market for a new mat.

The Fiberbuilt Flight Deck Practice Station Golf Mat is widely considered the best way to enhance your game. It comes with a built-in ball tray and a complete complement of training tools. For realistic impact circumstances and ball flight, the Flight Deck is made of actual Fiberbuilt Grass. Molded alignment markers in the stance mat combine with openings for included rods to assist ball position, alignment, and swing path while also reducing swaying. The broad, solid stance mat is easy to handle and assemble, making it a versatile choice for successful practice indoors or out. 

Take A Look At Some Of The Features And Specifications Of The Mat Below:

  • Made with authentic poly Fiberbuilt Grass
  • It can be utilized with many styles of clubs ranging from woods to wedges.
  • In less than a minute, the knock-down design may be set up and taken down.
  • Golfers can use it inside or outside.
  • The Flight Deck Practice Station Golf Mat is made using recyclable materials
  • To mitigate turf shock, the launch monitor-tested mat offers experience and performance like fairway grass.
  • It comes with a clubhead path featuring integrated alignment guides and an oval form. 
  • The Flight Deck hitting surface enables users to achieve level striking and offers ample stability. 
  • The deck hitting surface fits within the high-traction posture mat.

The Package Includes:

  • Stance Mat
  • Flight Deck
  • Adjustable Tee for practicing tee shots at different heights
  • Two alignment rods

Fiberbuilt Golf Mats are engineered to let you have the finest practice experience imaginable in terms of injury prevention, sturdiness, and performance. Fiberbuilt Grass, a proprietary product, has been developed to resist upwards of 300 thousand shots in the same exact spot. That should give you an idea about its durability. In comparison, many turf mats from other brands often give in with far fewer shots in particular spots and have shorter lives in general.

Only Fiberbuilt golf mats are designed to replicate the precise flight dynamics of a genuine grass fairway. Fiberbuilt Grass has been evaluated against several other mats on a real fairway with leading launch monitors. It produced favorable results with respect to parameters such as launch angle, smash factor, club speed, spin rate, and ball speed.

The information given above will help you get a clear insight into the Flight Deck Practice Station Golf Mat and its features. It can be just what you need for effective practice.