Every golfer knows the power of making data-driven decisions on the greens and during practice sessions. The advent of highly sophisticated golf simulation technology has made things incredibly easy in that regard. Currently, companies such as FlightScope are taking the market by storm with their innovative range of simulat6ion products. The Mevo+ simulator is one of the company’s most famous and widely relied upon simulator products. Bundled with some virtual golf courses from the E6 Connect library and numerous practice ranges, it offers breathtaking and fruitful simulated practice experiences. The price tag is also reasonable and quite justified.  

FlightScope Mevo+ relies on cutting-edge 3D Doppler Tracking Radar technology and provides some data parameters. These include spin loft, ball speed, vertical launch angle, club head speed, carry distance, angle of attack, apex height, spin axis, shot shape, horizontal launch angle, smash factor, total distance, spin rate, lateral landing, flight time and roll distance.

With FlightScope Mevo+ launch monitor, golfers can quit making assumptions about shots and get a precise idea of the ball path follow the ball’s path and analyse all of the crucial data to achieve considerable game improvements.

FlightScope Mevo+ Apps:

  • FlightScope Golf App for the iOS platform (iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch) and for Android devices
  • The E6 Connect software for the PC and iOS platforms (users can choose to upgrade to a paid subscription model)
  • E6 Connect (optional upgrade to a subscription): both iOS & PC
  • Android and iOS FlightScope Skills App
  • The TGC 2019 software application is supported for PC users
  • The Creative Golf 3D application for PC users

FlightScope Mevo+ Key Features:

  • 6 golf courses of the E6 Connect software i.e. Stone Canyon, Aviara, Sanctuary, The Belfry, Wade Hampton, and Bay Hill 
  • A collection of 17 different Practice Ranges, for which users are not required to pay any additional fees 
  • Course play available (both online and offline modes)
  • Fast data and trajectory readings 
  • Weather and height are taken into account.
  • An embedded camera allows for simple target calibration
  • Right-handed and left-handed play supported 
  • Audio feedback is also available for users 
  • Videos can be recorded and edited on one’s smart device, and users can also superimpose their chosen data parameters on the clips
  • Darts Mini-Game (Henyet) available, along with free-license online events
  • Users can easily share their videos across different social channels 
  • Weight of 465 grams or 1 pound 
  • 2 hours of battery life 
  • 2 hours battery charge time 
  • Size specifications (W x D x H) 6.8″ x 1.2″ x 4.6″ or 174 x 31 x 118mm

FlightScope Mevo+ Configuration Prerequisites:

  • Outdoor: a sensor to tee distance of 7′-9′ an unlimited ball flight distance
  • Indoors: 8′ sensor to tee + 8′ minimum distance to the net
  • Simulator: 7′ distance from the sensor to the tee and 8′ minimum distance to the net

Check the details given above to know about the features and specifications of FlightScope Mevo+ simulation system. It can be just what you need in order to enhance your skills.