The Grass Series Center-Hitting Studio Golf Mat from Fiberbuilt allows golfers to practice in comfort by simulating the experience of hitting a ball off of genuine grass. As a result of its high-quality construction, the Center-Hitting Studio Golf Mat may help golfers significantly increase their efficiency. One of the most functional and trustworthy mat substitutes offered by Fiberbuilt Grass.

The Fiberbuilt Grass Hitting Surface has a number of interesting additions. The following are some of them:

  • 9′ x 4′ (wide x length) (width x length) The size is calculated using a 1×4-inch square in the center and two 4.5×4-inch mats on each side.
  • In the middle of the hitting area there are four individual tee boxes
  • The mat may be used effectively by golfers of both left and right-handedness.
  • Green in color, this requires no additional hardware to install.
  • It has an impressive 300,000-round warranty.
  • An ideal setup for radar-based rocket launch monitoring
  • It comes with one section of Fiberbuilt Grass (Nylon) and two Performance Turf Mats.
  • A unique locking modular rubber foundation is also provided

This mat is one of the top products available for golf practice now. It has a long life and can be relied on consistently, allowing for peak performance.

Some significant benefits of using Fiberbuilt Grass Series Mats

Fiberbuilt golf mats mimic the performance of a genuine grass fairway by producing ball characteristics identical to those on a natural grass surface. Fiberbuilt Grass Matting has been tested for accuracy on natural grass courses for every variable, including club speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and smash factor.

The same mesh area of the Fiberbuilt Grass mat can take over 300,000 full-impact shots without being damaged. Regular grass mats usually become useless after taking a few thousand hits in the same location. Trusting in FiberBuilt’s solutions, golfers may unleash their swings without worry.

Injuries are reduced since standard golf mat turfs used at various ranges are not very resistant to forceful impacts. Because of this, they make it tough for golfers to avoid harming themselves. Because of their construction, fireproof mats are able to effectively absorb the ground impact that might cause injuries on the grass.

In addition, a number of optional extras are included with this mat for the convenience of the customer. Take a look at this

The Fiberbuilt Rubber Golf Ball Tray has a Half Moon Shape

Fiberbuilt’s included tray serves as a handy accessory to the mat. It’s a popular ball tray since it can be used with many different types of bats. Moreover, you can fit upwards of 100 balls with this tray.

Rectangular Rubber Ball Tray

The Rectangular Rubber Ball Tray by Firebuilt is a sturdy alternative that will endure for many years thanks to its compounded rubber connection. It can store up to 200 balls, making it a great addition for serious users. Elegant in design, it is compatible with most hitting bays. 

All the information you need to know about the Fiberbuilt Grass Series Center-Hitting Studio Golf Mat is included above.