In recent times, the popularity of indoor golf has increased like never before. Earlier, a bad weather day would have ruined all your plans for a perfect day in the driving range. But, thanks to innovative technology, you can now enjoy your favorite sport from the comfort of your home, without having to worry about snow, rain, or even time constraints! The blessing came in the form of a golf simulator.

This is nothing but a combination of machines and equipment that brings you the realistic feel of a golf course or a driving range inside your home, office, or even garage. While the simulator software is an important element of your golf simulator, the simulator screen is nonetheless equally crucial. With an abundance of items available in the market, it can often be puzzling to choose from. So, before investing in an expensive item, here are the things you should know about golf simulator screens.

Go For The Latest Technology

Although the marketplace for golf simulator screen is fairly new, it presents you with a host of options to choose from. The technology started to evolve within the past decade, making room for plenty of opportunities to improve. For this reason, you should be investing in a screen that is compatible with the latest features, so that you aren’t stuck with some old, outdated technology. The simulator screens are one of the most important parts of your indoor golf simulator, as it allows you to see how your shots turn out. Therefore, the realistic feel of the simulator depends largely on the quality and compatibility of your screen. 

Choose The Right Fabric

Your golf simulator screen is only as great as the quality of the fabric it is made from. To give you the best experience, the fabric should be strong enough to withstand the shots and have a minimum puckering or bounce back rate. Presumably, the durability of the screen is the deciding factor.

It should also absorb the impact sound. But, most importantly, the simulator screen should give you a high-contrast image with the right amount of brightness and clarity. This is highly important to achieve the realistic feel promised by the equipment. Polyester mesh fabrics are a perfect choice for golf simulator screens. However, several manufacturers are now using knitted composite fabric that is more durable and compatible with a clear HD image.

Know The Right Size

It is very important to choose the right size for your simulator screen. Generally, wider screens provide a more satisfactory and realistic experience. However, it ultimately depends upon the place where you are going to set up your indoor golf course. The ideal size of a golf simulator screen is approximately 120 inches wide, and this is compatible with most of the simulators kits available.

Types Of Screens Available

There are 2 types of simulator screens that you can choose from:

  • Pull-down screens: This can be set up using a ceiling mount. Although it is not portable, it is a great choice for HD image quality.
  • Pull-up Screens: This does not require drilling, wall attachments, or ceiling mounts. It is also budget-friendly.