Players all around the world like the cutting-edge overhead launch monitor known as the EYE XO. Thanks to a pair of fast cameras, twin infrared detectors, and other astounding characteristics, this extraordinary equipment can follow and analyze a wide variety of ball and equipment data. The innovative EYE XO from Uneekor Optix technology steals the show with lenses that can record at speeds more than 3000 fps. Users may quickly see slow-motion footage of club hits on the display, providing them with an intriguing new angle.

Even some of the most knowledgeable golf enthusiasts will be in awe of the EYE XO’s abilities and unrivaled accuracy. This device may be used simply and conveniently by those who are right- or left-handed. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with the renowned, top-of-the-line TGC 2019 golf simulator software.

The EYE XO comes with everything you need to enhance your gaming skills, including Uneekor’s View software. This powerful tool offers EYE XO Optix videos, several graphs displaying dispersion data, and 3-D analysis of crucial characteristics like swing and closeness. Players may convert to Uneekor’s additional goods, which provide online functionality and a variety of added advantages, if they desire more advanced features

Details of the EYE XO setup

The EYE XO’s architecture closely resembles that of the Uneekor QED due to its function as an overhead launch monitor. Wires from the sensor band must connect to a computer and electrical outlets, and it must be properly fastened to the room’s ceiling. To ensure safety, Uneekor advises proper setup by qualified personnel. The monitor has to be mounted on a flat surface that can support at least 30 lbs without difficulty.

What does the EYE XO measure?

With the EYE XO, a wide range of data variables for evaluation are accessible. A golf shot may be impacted by the club lie, path, head speed, loft tilt, dynamic loft, face, club face to path, and vertical and horizontal contact points. The EYE XO boasts one of the most advanced camera systems in the business and equals the accuracy of some of the best alternatives now available. In terms of accuracy, it performs better than the Uneekor QED.

Modes for Optix EYE XO:

The EYE XO’s Optix innovation is made up of three essential parts:

  • Ball Optix: This option makes it evident where the ball is in relation to the club’s face by displaying its actual spin after each swing.
  • Club Optix: A slow-motion video of the club striking the ball and a representation of the club’s alignment at impact are both provided by Club Optix.
  • Swing Optix: This option employs multiple-angle recording, continuous playback, and drawing-over tools to thoroughly analyze your swing.

Examine the details offered here to learn more about the Uneekor EYE XO and its incredible features.